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International Relations

Our rapidly growing International Relations programme brings together key authors and topical publishing for academics and students alike. Highlights of 2013 so far include a fully revised and updated new edition of Issues in 21st Century Politics and the fifth edition of Theories of International Relations. In May this year we saw the publication of a new edition of Global Political Economy, updated throughout to incorporate analysis of the financial crisis and changing global order.

Palgrave Pivot

Palgrave Macmillan has launched an innovative new format for scholarly research, Palgrave Pivot. Representing a radical change in scholarly publishing, Palgrave Pivot offers authors the flexibility of publishing their research at lengths between the journal article and the conventional monograph, a commitment to publish within 12 weeks, peer-review and wide dissemination.

View a full list of titles just published.

We are now accepting proposals for Palgrave Pivot, visit the Palgrave Pivot website for more information.



Palgrave Politics


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palmacpolitics Palgrave author Carolyn Ban wins 2014 Larry Neal Prize for Excellence in EU Scholarship: yesterday · reply · retweet · favorite

Global Civil Society 2012 Understanding Security Theories of International Relations The Palgrave Macmillan Dictionary of Diplomacy Global Political Economy
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Constructing Britain’s Story
Journalists, Diplomats, and Policymakers at Work

What shapes the image of a country for foreign audiences? Focusing on London, this book maps the communication networks of...more
27 Mar 2019
Not yet available
  Other formats also available
Kim Dae-jung and the Quest for the Nobel
How the President of South Korea Bought the Peace Prize and Financed Kim Jong-il's Nuclear Program

This book shows the relentless pursuit of the Nobel Peace Prize as the motive for bringing about the inter-Korean summit of June...more
17 Dec 2014
  Other formats also available
Not Yet Published
eBook version available
Brazil Under the Worker
Continuity and Change from Lula to Dilma

Under the Workers' Party in the last three presidential terms, the country has been marked with remarkable accomplishments and...more
12 Nov 2014
Not yet available
  Other formats also available
International Political Theory
An Introduction

A wide-ranging introductory new textbook on International Political Theory, which provides a concise overview of the key...more
31 Oct 2014
  Other formats also available
Not Yet Published
British Foreign Policy and the National Interest
Building A Strategic Defence Policy

Whose interests does British foreign policy serve? Is the national interest a useful explanatory tool for foreign policy...more
29 Sep 2014
Not Yet Published
The European Union
What it is and how it works

This new introduction to the European Union is distinguished by its focus on the evolution and functioning of the political...more
26 Sep 2014
  Other formats also available
Not Yet Published
Building Sustainable Couples in International Relations
A Strategy Towards Peaceful Cooperation

The contributors investigate processes of international conflict transformation and peaceful cooperation. They highlight how...more
24 Sep 2014
Not Yet Published
Death to the Infidels
Radical Islam's War Against the Jews

The growth of radical Islam in the Middle East has transformed what had primarily been a political conflict into a one-sided...more
23 Sep 2014
Not Yet Published
Palgrave Dictionary of Public Order Policing, Protest and Political Violence

Protest and political violence are concerns of global importance in the twenty-first century. This dictionary brings together in...more
17 Sep 2014
  Other formats also available
Not Yet Published
Constitutionalism and the Politics of Accommodation in Multinational Democracies

This collection argues that although constitutionalism has traditionally been the primary mechanism for facilitating the mutual...more
17 Sep 2014
  Other formats also available
Not Yet Published
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