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How to Submit a Book Proposal

"We always welcome book proposals, whether from first-time or more experienced authors. We like to know as much about your proposed book as possible so please use our Proposal Form: Publishing Proposal Form (Word format - for use for textbook proposals) or Publishing Proposal Form (Word format - for use for scholarly proposals)."

If you have a Palgrave Pivot proposal to submit, please use this form: Palgrave Pivot Proposal Form (Word format)

To help us make a quick and authoritative decision, include as much information as possible on the form, including details about the content, a chapter plan, aims and objectives, the intended market and the competition. We will also be happy to receive your CV (and that of any co-authors/editors) and any sample material, if available.

When considering the contents of your proposed book, please be aware of the issues relating to the use of third party material. Click here for more information and guidance.

Once complete please email your proposal and any additional information to the most relevant editor. If your proposed book is a textbook please send your proposal to one of the Higher Education division editors. If it is a monograph please send your proposal to one of the Scholarly and Reference division editors.

Proposal submission

Once your proposal is submitted to an editor they will thoroughly assess the content, taking into consideration the direction of the overall list, the book's subject, the costs, suitability to market, the competition and many other publishing influences.

The editor will then contact you in due course to discuss your proposal and his/her plans for how best to take your proposal forward.

If the editor feels that the book is not suitable for his/her list but has potential in another subject area or division they will forward it to their colleague for consideration.

If the editor feels that your proposal might work for our lists, it will then be sent for external review. In light of these reviews, the editor will give you feedback and a decision will be made as to whether to make an offer of publication.

Publishing Proposal Form (Word format) - for use for scholarly projects only

Publishing Proposal Form (Word format) - for use for textbook projects only

Editorial Contacts - please email your form to the appropriate subject editor. If you have any queries, do not hesitate to ring or email with your questions.