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Gothic BFI Film Classics

We are delighted to announce the publication of 8 special BFI Film Classics celebrating the dark heart of film.

  • The Shining
  • The Innocents
  • Panís Labyrinth
  • Nosferatu (1922)
  • Vampyr 2nd edition
  • Das Cabinet des Dr. Caligari 2nd edition
  • Nosferatu (1979) 2nd edition
  • Cat People 2nd edition

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BFI Screen Guide Apps

100 Cult Films: BFI Screen Guides and 100 American Independent Films: BFI Screen Guides
Apps for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch | Available now from the App Store for £2.99 each

The worlds of cult film and American Independent cinema at your fingertips: 100 Cult Films and 100 American Independent Films, produced by Aimer Media are interactive guides to these fascinating genres of cinema.

View a trailer for these Apps:


Selected by The Guardian in their round-up of the best new Apps of the week

Available on the App Store here:
100 Cult Films: BFI Screen Guides | 100 American Independent Films: BFI Screen Guides


BFI Film Classics 20th Anniversary Ė Published August 2012

BFI Film Classics

To discuss projects and proposals please contact Jenni Burnell, Commissioning Editor for BFI Publishing on


Choice selects Tino Balio's Hollywood in the New Millennium and Sur Thornham's What If I Had Been the Hero? Investigating Women's Cinema as Outstanding Academic Titles of 2013.


Read Anime News Network's interview with Jonathan Clements, author of Anime: A History


Hollywood in the New Millennium (International Screen Industries series) and What If I Had Been The Hero? Investigating Women's Cinema have been named as Outstanding Academic Titles of 2013 by Choice.


Anime: A History, by Jonathan Clements reviewed by the New York Times in their round-up of the latest books on film and reviewed by The Guardian's P.D. Smith.


The Shining and Pan’s Labyrinth reviewed by P.D. Smith in The Guardian.


100 Science Fiction Films was reviewed in The Guardian: 'Beautifully illustrated and nicely produced, this will be essential reading for Science Fiction fans'. Read the full review.


Read the BFI's article about our new edition of Peter Wollen's seminal text Signs and Meaning in the Cinema, including an extract from an interview with Wollen himself.

Featured title

Stars Studies 100 Science Fiction Films

An indispensable guide to 100 of the best science fiction films. With an in-depth exploration of each film, this is an accessible but rigorous exploration both for fans who want to know more and for students.

Series Published by BFI Publishing and Palgrave Macmillan

BFI Film Classics

BFI Film Classics is a series of finely written, illustrated books which honour landmark films of world cinema. The series includes a wide range of approaches and critical styles, reflecting the diverse ways we appreciate, analyse and enjoy great films.

Recent titles include The Tales of Hoffman, Written on the Wind, Salesman and 8 special edition Gothic BFI Film Classics.

Eminent film critic Jonathan Rosenbaum praises the BFI Film Classics series: '…possibly the most bountiful book series in the history of film criticism in any language.'

Read the full article, including his five favourite books in the series:

View a full list of titles in this series.

Editorial Advisory Board:
Geoff Andrew, Edward Buscombe, William P. Germano, Lalitha Gopalan, Lee Grieveson, Nick James, Laura Mulvey, Alastair Phillips, Dana Polan, B. Ruby Rich and Amy Villarejo

BFI TV Classics

BFI TV Classics is a series of books celebrating key individual television programmes and series. Television scholars, critics and novelists provide critical readings underpinned with careful research, alongside a personal response to the programme and an argument for its 'classic' status.

Recent titles include The World at War, Bleak House, The Beiderbecke Affair and Deadwood.

William Gallagher, author of The Beiderbecke Affair takes listeners through key episodes of the series with an exclusive audio commentary in a free iTunes podcast series. It includes new video interviews with Gallagher himself and Alan Plater's wife Shirley Rubinstein. Download now:

To view a full list of titles in this series please click here.

Editorial Advisory Board:
Stella Bruzzi, Glyn Davis, Mark Duguid, Jason Jacobs, Karen Lury, Toby Miller, Rachel Moseley and Phil Wickham

BFI Screen Guides

BFI Screen Guides present concise guides to a hundred key films in a particular genre or area in screen culture. Each volume comprises an editorial introduction to the subject, outlining its history and defining features, followed by individual entries on each title, including key credits information.

Recent titles include 100 Science Fiction Films, 100 Cult Films, 100 Film Musicals and 100 Silent Films.

View a full list of titles in this series

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BFIPalgrave Macmillan and the British Film Institute are pleased to announce a new publishing partnership. From January 2008 Palgrave Macmillan will publish, sell and distribute all BFI books.

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