Welcome to the Companion Website for The Experience of Managing: A Skills Guide by Clegg

This resource site has been designed to provide support and extension activities for lecturers using this text and looking to organise their teaching around the book.

All Palgrave Macmillan Companion Websites have free access, however, some sections of the lecturer zone are designated for exclusive use by adopters of the text and are therefore password-protected, but all users are invited to explore all other areas of the site as they please. 

We envisage this site to be used in tandem with the textbook to create and deliver a complete teaching package for yourselves and your students.

This website contains:
Chapter objectives (x4 PDF format)
Lecture outlines including additional information on suggested content and structure of the lectures
Suggested solutions and additional information to accompany the exercises
Theoretical background including potted generic literature overview
Suggestions for further reading

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