Social Science

Macmillan has a long and proud tradition of publishing in the social sciences since the 19th century, publishing key works in the field such as The New Palgrave Dictionary of Economics and key authors, including JM Keynes. We are one of the largest publishers of social science research and high quality textbooks, with offices in London, New York and Shanghai, and are due to publish over 1000 titles in 2016 across all the major subject areas of the field.

We are known for supporting early career researchers, championing pioneering research in new fields and establishing series that come to define their research fields (such as the International Political Economy series, which we've been publishing for over 30 years!). We strive to create an effective learning environment together and our internationally renowned textbooks provide lecturers with learning resources that ensure students get the most from their studies.

We are passionate about publishing original and authoritative research and teaching resources in the Social Sciences, from scholarly monographs and reference works to textbooks and digital products that aid learning both inside and outside of the classroom.

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