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Macroeconomics by Eric Pentecost

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If you are a lecturer or instructor you can gain free access to the lecturer's materials for Macroeconomics simply by registering for access to the 'My Palgrave' area. From here you can manage your account and update your details at anytime using the unique username and password that we will send you. You can also sign up to our mailing lists and access resource websites such as this one.

Previous Visitors
If you have already registered on our site (and requested access to the resource) click here to go straight to the lecturer zone for Macroeconomics (this requires username and password) .


New Visitors
Step 1:
Before you can access the content on this site you need to provide us with few basic details. All fields in bold are required. You will need to select a username and password so that next time you visit us, you will not need to type in your details again.

Step 2: Request Access- If you are registering for areas such as Macroeconomics you will need to select the option ''Request access to our Lecturer Zones' on the My Palgrave menu (which will appear once you have finished your basic registration) to request access.

Step 3: Once you have registered your details and requested access to the zone you will receive an email notifying you if your request was successful. Please note in some instances we will put an account on hold whilst we validate your details. This should not take any longer that 24 hours

Step 4: Access the resource via the link in the email. Alternatively you can access all of your Lecturer resources from one location - simply select the resource (i.e. Macroeconomics - Pentecost) from the list on the 'Your Lecturer Zones' page where you will be taken directly to the protected content. 


If you are experiencing any problems with accessing the lecturer zone - please click here to see our help file.