World Philosophy Day 2016

 November 17th 2016

World Philosophy Day 2016

Thursday 17th November marks World Philosophy Day, UNESCO's collaborative initiative towards building inclusive societies, tolerance and peace. This year’s events highlight the need for new philosophy practices in today’s world, encourage dialogue on the connections with tolerance and explore new ways to increase accessibility of philosophical teaching and learning.

To celebrate this, we have brought together related research from our Philosophy portfolio - including editor selections, top downloaded books and open access journal articles - and invite you to explore our range of content. 


A Word From the Editor

Philosophy is without a doubt a life-changing subject. It is a discipline that interrogates common-sense and surprisingly often finds common-sense lacking.

Different people love philosophy for different reasons. My own fascination is with conceptual clarity. Conceptual clarity it seems to me is complementary to science – science uses concepts to explore the world. But sometimes the concepts employed are themselves to a certain extent taken for granted. I enjoy reading science from this philosophical perspective.

Another thing that most appeals to me about philosophy is that no ‘big’ questions are off-limits. You can think clearly or less clearly about anything! That‘s not to say that it isn’t best to mainly focus on meaningful questions but still clear thinking about questions that some people may view as meaningless has, it seems to me, real value. As a philosophy publisher, I hope I have a broad conception of what counts as valid philosophy.

I view it a great honour to commission philosophy titles for Palgrave Macmillan and to have the opportunity to serve such a wonderful discipline in this way.

- Brendan George

Related Titles

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Experience and Beyond

Jan Faye

The author presents a persuasive argument in favour of evolutionary naturalism and outlines what such a stance means for our capacity of observation and understanding reality.

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Rationality, Representation, and Race

Deborah K. Heikes

Heikes challenges Enlightenment rationality's tendency to be an achievement concept which excludes non-whites and non-males. She examines post-Cartesian criticisms of modernism, and pre-modern efforts to address the functional diversity of human cognition, arguing that such approaches offer a rationality that is diverse and morally substantive.

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Approaching Infinity

Michael Huemer

Approaching Infinity addresses seventeen paradoxes of the infinite, most of which have no generally accepted solutions. The book addresses these paradoxes using a new theory of infinity, which entails that an infinite series is uncompletable when it requires something to possess an infinite intensive magnitude.

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The Social Equality of Religion or Belief

Alan Carling

Some countries, like the UK, give special recognition by the state to one or a few religions; other countries, like France and the US, give recognition to none. This book is about a new approach that gives equal recognition to all religions and non-religious belief systems.


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Rethinking Capital

Richard Dien Winfield

This book develops a comprehensive systematic economic theory, conceiving how the dynamic of market relations generates an economy dominated by the competitive process of individual profit-seeking enterprises.

Top Downloaded Books 2016

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We are pleased to share with you a collection of open access articles from Palgrave Communications, a multi-disciplinary journal publishing peer-reviewed original research across all areas of the humanities and social sciences.

Radical Theologies
This special collection offers a timely outlet for an expanding field of ‘breakout’ radical theologies that seek to redefine the very terms of theology.

A radical theology for the future: five theses
Jeffrey W Robbins and Clayton Crockett

The monstrosity of the multitude: unredeeming radical theology
Karen Bray

Hermeneutics and genocide: giving voice to the unspoken
Shawn Kelley

From proclamation to conversation: ethnographic disruptions to theological normativity
Natalie Wigg-Stevenson


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Blog Post: A New Answer to Contemporary Questions about Religion’s Place in Society

Alan Carling reflects on Religion's place in society in his latest blog piece, part of our Author Perspectives blog series.

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Editorial Contacts

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      Brendan George

      Publisher, Philosophy
      Philosophy (Scholarly and Reference)

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      Brendan has been passionate about philosophy since university where his tutors included James Griffin and Anthony Grayling. A champion of both analytic and continental philosophy, his all-time favourite philosophers include both Strawson and Schelling. Brendan joined Palgrave in 2012 and acquires monographs, edited volumes, Palgrave Pivots, handbooks and textbooks in all areas of philosophy. Brendan has 25 years’ publishing experience and has previously worked for McGraw-Hill and OUP.

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      April James

      Assistant Editor
      Philosophy ( Scholarly and Reference)

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      April has been with Palgrave Macmillan since 2015, joining the Philosophy team in late 2016. With an interest in animal ethics, cognitive science, aesthetics, the philosophy of psychology and emotions and interdisciplinary philosophy, she is actively interested in receiving proposals for projects in all formats offered by Palgrave.

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      Phil Getz

      Senior Commissioning Editor
      Religion and Philosophy

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      Phil is the US editor for Philosophy & Religion, and acquires books in all areas of those fields. Before joining Palgrave in 2014, he was on the founding editorial team of the Jewish Review of Books and worked on the digital side of various publications. His primary interests are in Continental Philosophy, Political Philosophy, Ethics, Religious Studies, Epistemology, and Maimonides.

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      Amy Invernizzi

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      Amy joined Palgrave as an assistant editor in the summer of 2016. She is actively acquiring monographs, edited volumes, Palgrave Pivots, and handbooks in all areas of philosophy and religion. She is especially interested in topics relating to feminism, ethics, epistemology, and critical theory.