The Journal of Direct, Data and Digital Marketing Practice provides an indispensable resource for senior marketing managers seeking awareness of new marketing concepts, strategies and applications from around the world. The journal is unique through being primarily written by practitioners, for practitioners, while retaining the rigour of an academic journal.

Central to the value readers gain from the Journal is the real-life insight provided into customer behaviours, multi-channel marketing strategies, marketing success stories and data-driven routes-to-market. These are delivered through a combination of opinion pieces, case studies, business intelligence, reviews and whitepapers which have been carefully assessed for the quality of their thinking and content by the editorial board. Since launching in 1988, the journal has consistently informed practicing marketers about the latest developments in channels, techniques and tools across the linked disciplines of direct marketing,data management and digital marketing. Each article is subjected to double-blind peer review to ensure it is both rigorous and addresses and satisfies thepractical needs and concerns of marketers.

Specifically the journal publishes:

  • Papers describing models and theories that can be used in marketing practice
  • Applied quantitative and qualitative research
  • Descriptive pieces addressing the latest thinking, techniques and best practice

In addition the journal also publishes the following regular features:

  • Best practice case studies discussing problems faced and lessons learned by leading global players
  • New technology briefings reviewing the latest technologies
  • Legal and regulatory updates providing expert guidance on the major legal and regulatory issues
  • Abstracts and book reviews providing a "thumbnail" of the best writing

The journal is published quarterly and each issue usually comprises an editorial, 4-5 peer-reviewed papers, a best practice case study, a new technology briefing, a legal & regulatory update, 15 abstracts, and 3-4 book reviews.

The journal is essential reading for marketers in private and public sector organisations and academic observers in universities and business schools.