The editorial policy is to review and publish articles with all possible speed. The journal consists of regular articles and technical notes on the field of simulation. Special issues in areas of simulation are encouraged. Proposals should be sent to the Special Issues Editor.

All full length papers are reviewed by two referees with expertise in the particular area. Technical notes are reviewed by the joint editors.

Before submitting manuscripts authors are advised to ensure that they have conformed to the script requirements detailed below. Manuscripts which are incorrectly formatted or do not contain all the required elements may be returned to authors for correction prior to review.

Submitting a manuscript

Authors should submit papers electronically via the journal’s electronic submission system at the link below.

The submission system is designed to be self-explanatory but help is available within the submission site via the 'Author Instructions' tab.

Authors should submit a minimum of two files. For articles and technical notes, they should contain the following elements:

1. Author Information File:

  • the title of the article
  • the author(s)' names and affiliations
  • full contact details (including email, postal address and phone and fax numbers) for the corresponding author
  • statement of contribution*

* The statement of contribution is a summary in no more than 300 words of the contribution of the paper to the theory and practice of OR. The statement will not be published as part of the accepted paper.

2. Article:

  • the title of the article
  • a summary or abstract of not more than 150 words
  • 3-6 keywords
  • the article in full, including references

3. Figures and Tables

Figures and tables may be uploaded either embedded in the main article file or as separate files.

Submit papers in Word (.doc, .docx), RTF or LaTeX format. PDF submissions are only permitted when accompanied by LaTeX files – see below.

Conditions of Submission

Submission of a paper for refereeing means that the author certifies that the manuscript is his/her own work and that it has not been accepted for publication (or published) by a refereed journal. Papers should not be submitted for consideration to more than more journal simultaneously.