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Editor In Chief

Faculty of Economics
University of Ljubljana

Palgrave Macmillan is pleased to announce Igor Lončarski (University of Ljubljana, Slovenia) as the new Editor of Risk Management

The aim of Risk Management is to bridge the gap between academia and industry (practice) by quantitatively addressing risk m anagement issues of high relevance and importance to industry (practitioners), with academic rigor. The journal's target audience are practitioners, regulators, academics, as well as those predominantly interested in the quantitative perspective on the most recent issues, advances and practices in the field of risk management.

Risk Management is mostly focused on the topics related to financial risk management (financial risks), but is also open to publishing research related to other types of risks at the corporate, institutional, and/or regulatory level that are perceived to be important and interconnected (for example, various operational risks). In terms of institutional focus, Risk Management welcomes research related to banks and insurance companies, a sset management companies, and/or non financial corporations.

We invite you to contribute to Risk Management by submitting an original research paper related to the new aims and scope of the journal.

We seek papers that address topics of relevance to practitioners with academic rigor and disseminate them in applicable fashion.

We also welcome review papers that provide an excellent overview and dissemination of a particular topic that fits within the f ocus of the journal. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have a suggestion for a special issue of the journal in which a particular topic or a broader theme is to be addressed from different perspectives. Special issues are typically related to specialized conference themes, so we in particular encourage conference organizers (chairs) to contact us when making conference arrangements


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