In celebration of Risk Management receiving its second impact factor from Thomson Reuters, Palgrave Macmillan and the editorial team of the journal are proud to present the top ten most cited articles for the journal since 2009. These lively, topical pieces are free to view for a limited time – we hope you enjoy them!

Destructive landscapes – (Re)framing elements of risk?
Denis Fischbacher-Smith
Risk manag (Bas) 13: 1–15; doi:10.1057/rm.2011.4

Risk, recessions and the resilience of the capitalist economies
Paul Ormerod
Risk manag (Bas) 12: 83-99; doi:10.1057/rm.2009.3

The evolutionary complexity of social and economic systems: The inevitability of uncertainty and surprise
Peter M Allen, Liz Varga, Mark Strathern
Risk manag (Bas) 12: 9-30; doi:10.1057/rm.2009.15

A new approach to risk: The implications of E3
Robert Bea, Ian Mitroff, Daniel Farber, Howard Foster, Karlene H Roberts
Risk manag (Bas) 11: 30-43; doi:10.1057/rm.2008.12

The costs of globalization: Producing new forms of risk to health and well-being
Ray Hudson
Risk manag (Bas) 11: 13-29; doi:10.1057/rm.2008.13

The changing nature of risk and risk management: The challenge of borders, uncertainty and resilience
Denis Smith, Moira Fischbacher
Risk manag (Bas) 11: 1-12; doi:10.1057/rm.2009.1

An injury risk model for large construction projects
Søren Spangenberg
Risk manag (Bas) 11: 111-134; doi:10.1057/rm.2009.5

The practice of risk management: Silence is not absence
Hervé Corvellec
Risk manag (Bas) 11: 285-304; doi:10.1057/rm.2009.12

The interaction between safety culture and degraded modes: A survey of national infrastructures for air traffic management
Chris Johnson, Barry Kirwan, Tony Licu
Risk manag (Bas) 11: 241-284; doi:10.1057/rm.2009.10

Responsibility modelling for civil emergency planning
Ian Sommerville, Tim Storer, Russell Lock
Risk manag (Bas) 11: 179-207; doi:10.1057/rm.2009.11