Volume 12, Issue 4, December 2017

Original Article

“Let’s pull these technologies out of the ivory tower”: The politics, ethos, and ironies of participant-driven genomic research

Michelle L. McGowan, Suparna Choudhury, Eric T. Juengst, Marcie Lambrix, Richard A. Settersten, Jennifer R. Fishman

Original Article

Mapping Global Health: A network analysis of a heterogeneous publication domain

George Weisz, Alberto Cambrosio, Jean-Philippe Cointet

Original Article

“I don’t have to know why it snows, I just have to shovel it!”: Addiction recovery, genetic frameworks, and biological citizenship

Molly J. Dingel, Jenny Ostergren, Kathleen Heaney, Barbara A. Koenig, Jennifer McCormick

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From Paranoia to (Cautious) Partnership

Chloe Silverman