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Two Forms of Trade Credit Finance in China

Go Yano, Maho Shiraishi 

Does Bank Performance Contribute to Economic Growth in the European Union?

Cândida Ferreira

Labor-Market Volatility and Financial Development in the Advanced OECD Countries: Does Labor-Market Regulation Matter?

Thibault Darcillon

On the Shock-Absorbing Properties of a Banking Union: Europe Compared with the United States

Ansgar Belke, Daniel Gros

Large-Scale Transition of Economic Systems – Do CEECs Converge Toward Western Prototypes?

Markus Ahlborn, Joachim Ahrens, Rainer Schweickert

Fiscal Incentives in Federations: Russia and the US Compared

Presidential Address - Michael Alexeev

Peoples of the Enemy? Ukrainians and Russians 1995–2011

Louise Grogan

Trust in Government and Willingness to Pay Taxes in Transition Countries

John E. Anderson

Delving into the Secular Stagnation Hypothesis: A Firm-Level Analysis of the Private Sector’s Excess Savings in Advanced Economies

Rodrigo Pérez Artica, Leandro Brufman, Lisana Belén Martinez

The Evolving Structure of the American Economy and the Employment Challenge
Michael Spence and Sandile Hlatshwayo

What Drives Bank Lending in Domestic and Foreign Currency Loans in a Small Open Transition Economy with Fixed Exchange Rate? The Case of Macedonia
Jane Bogoev

Extreme Risks in Financial Markets and Monetary Policies of the Euro-Candidates
Hubert Gabrisch and Lucjan T Orlowski

Crisis and Growth in the Advanced Economies: What We Know, What We Do not, and What We Can Learn from the 1930s
Barry Eichengreen

A Lesson from the South for Fiscal Policy in the US and Other Advanced Countries
Jeffrey Frankel

Comparing Labor Market Performance: Some Stylized Facts and Key Findings
Josef C Brada and Marcello Signorelli