A cover letter is mandatory. It helps the editors in deciding the appropriateness of the manuscript. Please read the instructions to authors carefully before writing this letter.

Below is an example to indicate what the editors might expect in a one to two page letter. Please include at least:

  • Manuscript title
  • Provenance – the relationship to any other previous publications based on the same research
  • A short summary of the basic findings of the paper and their significance for theory and practice
  • The submission category/genre you chose among those described in the instructions for authors (to help clarify the evaluation criteria)

You may also optionally include nominations of Editor, Associate Editor or reviewers

For example:

We hereby submit the manuscript entitled … to be considered for publication in EJIS. We confirm that we have removed any identifying content that could compromise a blind review. 

This is an original submission that has not been published before and that is not currently under review at any other publication outlet. The submission builds on the following conference papers, …, …, and … The current submission extends the previous work in the following ways … [less than 50 words explanation]

The basic findings of the paper and their significance for theory and practice can be summarized as follows… [less than 50 words summary]

We would like to submit this as a [genre / submission category], as described in the instructions for authors, which we have read and believe to have understood.

Although we realise that other people may be selected, we would like to nominate the following Editor and Associate Editor [from the EJIS editorial board] and reviewers… [Name 2–3 people that you deem qualified to examine your work and with which you have no conflict of interest] 

In addition, we would like to mention that... [anything else that you believe may help the editors in making a decision as swiftly as possible]

On behalf of the co-authors, N.N.