The Stafford Beer Medal is named in memory of Stafford Beer, a world leader in the development of systems ideas, especially management cybernetics, and President of the OR Society 1970-71. It is awarded in recognition of the most outstanding contribution to the philosophy, theory or practice of Information Systems and / or Knowledge Management published in the European Journal of Information Systems (EJIS) or Knowledge Management Research & Practice (KMRP) within the relevant year.

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Do you see what I see? The search for consensus among executives' perceptions of IT business value
Paul P Tallon

Bridging the work/social divide: the emotional response to organizational social networking sites
Hope Koch, Ester Gonzalez and Dorothy Leidner

Decision support or support for situated choice: lessons for system design from effective manual systems
Reeva Lederman and Robert B Johnston

Intermediaries in inter-organisational networks: building a theory of electronic marketplace performance
Philip O'Reilly, Patrick Finnegan

Understanding the value of integrated RFID systems: a case study from apparel retail
Frédéric Thiesse, Jasser Al-Kassab, Elgar Fleisch

Improving the impact of IT development projects: the benefits realization capability model
Colin Ashurst, Neil F Doherty, Joe Peppard

An assessment of package–organisation misalignment: institutional and ontological structures
Siew Kien Sia, Christina Soh

Is mobile email functional or dysfunctional? Two perspectives on mobile email usage
Catherine A Middleton, Wendy Cukier

Governance lessons from the experience of telecentres in Kerala
Shirin Madon

Implications of space and time for distributed work: an interpretive study of US–Norwegian systems development teams
Suprateek Sarker, Sundeep Sahay

Rethinking competence systems for knowledge-based organizations
Rikard Lindgren, Dick Stenmark, Jan Ljungberg

Personality traits and effectiveness of presentation of product information in e-business systems
J J Jahng, H Jain, K Ramamurthy