'Dystopias and Utopias', Issue 116 of Feminist Review, Published!

Volume 116, Issue 1, July 2017
Feminist Review have announced the publication of Issue 116, 'Dystopias and Utopias'. Special thanks to to Ramzi Fawaz, Justin Hall and Helen M. Kinsella. To celebrate the new issue, Palgrave Macmillan have selected two articles to make free to view via ReadCube! 

Please follow the links below for free access:

the contemporary postfeminist dystopia: disruptions and hopeful gestures in Suzanne Collins’ The Hunger Games
Andrea Ruthven

drones, swarms and becoming-insect: feminist utopias and posthuman politics
Lauren Wilcox

Impact Factor 2016

Feminist Review are delighted to announce that the 2016 Impact Factor for the journal has risen to 1.519, from 1.156 in 2015. The journals’ ranking in the ‘Women’s Studies’ category has also risen from 15/40 in 2015 to 9/41. This is fantastic progress for the journal, and we are thrilled to see the Impact Factor rising. However, for the Collective, our core focus remains the publication of high quality, critical and innovative scholarship contributed by our community of Feminist Review authors. We look forward to building on our thirty-eight years of publishing, and continuing to promote the most insightful academic research into feminist theory.

INTRODUCING: sex, work, meat: the feminist politics of veganism by Carrie Hamilton

Hand selected from the latest issue of Feminist Review, Hamilton’s paper engages with radical eco-feminist and post-humanist discourse, shining a new light on established theories surrounding women and violence, sexualisation, the study of animals and meat consumption. Hamilton focuses her analysis on unpicking the work of Carol Adams, Mirha-Soleil Ross, and ultimately voices a fresh critique on binary models of gender entrenched in the feminist canon.

This article is available free to view, follow the link below to read now!
sex, work, meat: the feminist politics of veganism by Carrie Hamilton

Feminist Review in the Guardian - an interview with Valerie Amos

The editors of Feminist Review were delighted to read a recent piece in the Guardian discussing Valerie Amos, the new University Director for SOAS University of London. The piece makes reference to the fact that Amos has been previously published in the journal, challenging imperial feminism.

This article is free to read now - with the full Guardian article here.