Palgrave Pivots on Migration History

Rygiel, P. (Ed), Grönberg, P. (Ed), Feldman, D. (Ed), Schrover, M. (Ed)

This series consists of short studies on the history of migration, from antiquity to the present day and across a wide geographical scope. Taking a broad definition of migration, the editors welcome books that consider all forms of mobility, including cross-border mobility, internal migration and forced migration. These books investigate the causes and consequences of migration, whether for economic, religious, humanitarian or political reasons, and the policies and organizations that facilitate or challenge mobility. Exploring responses to migration, the series looks to migrants’ experiences, the communities left behind and the societies in which they settled. Using Palgrave Macmillan’s Pivot format, these short books enable authors to present empirical data more fully than in journal articles or to offer concise overviews of specific topics related to migration history. 

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Titles in this series