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Portrait_Sara Crowley-vigneau​​​​​​​Palgrave Macmillan in China is delighted to wish our authors and readers a happy 2017 Chinese New Year of the Rooster!

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With best wishes for the Chinese New Year (新年快樂Xīn Nián Kuài Lè)!

Sara Crowley Vigneau

Featured Titles

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China's Media and Soft Power in Africa

Xiaoling Zhang, Herman Wasserman, Winston Mano

This volume brings together scholars from different disciplines and nations to examine and assess the effectiveness of China's soft power initiatives in Africa. It throws light not only on China's engagement with Africa but also on how China's increasing influence is received in the African media.

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The Asian Developmental State

Yin-wah Chu

This volume re-examines the concept of the developmental state by providing further theoretical specifications, undertaking critical appraisal and theoretical re-interpretation, assessing its value for the emerging economies of China and India, and considering its applicability to South Korea and Taiwan.

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Chinese War Correspondents

Shixin Ivy Zhang

This book engages with the Chinese mediation of wars and conflicts in the global environment.Proposing a new cascading media and conflict model, it applies this to the studyof war correspondents from six levels: media-policy relations, journalistic objectivity, roleperceptions, news framing and peace/war journalism, news practices, and audience.

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China in the Xi Jinping Era

Steve Tsang, Honghua Men

This book examines the driving forces behind national-level politics, changes to the judiciary, social control, economic reform, environmental protection, urban development, the management of ethnic relations, as well as foreign and security policy orientation in China under Xi Jinping. 


 © Springer

How the Chinese Economy Works

Rongxing Guo

The 4th edition of this succesful text  to analyze and compare the operational mechanisms of the Chinese economy between the pre- and post-reform periods and through national, regional and local dimensions examines the driving forces – both endogenous and exogenous – that have influenced China’s economic development during the past decades. 

 © Springer

Evolving Eldercare in Contemporary China

Lin Chen

This key text examines how a rapidly growing aging population, the one-child policy, and economic reform in urban China pose unprecedented challenges to the country’s ingrained tradition of family caregiving.

 © Springer

China and Latin America in Transition

Shoujun Cui, Manuel Pérez García

This volume explores the policy dynamics, economic commitments and social impacts of the fast evolving Sino-LAC relations, as China’s engagement with Latin America and the Caribbean has entered into an era of strategic transition.

 © Springer

HIV/AIDS in China and India

Catherine Yuk-ping Lo

This book compares the policy approaches taken by China and India in dealing with HIV/AIDS, illuminating the challenges they face as they grapple with this intractable disease and identifying best practices for dealing with HIV/AIDS in the developing world and beyond.

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Human Dignity in Classical Chinese Philosophy

Qianfan Zhang

This book reinterprets classical Chinese philosophical tradition along the conceptual line of human dignity.

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Hong Kong and Bollywood

Joseph Tse-Hei Lee, Satish Kolluri

This volume examines the transmission, reception, and reproduction of new cinematic styles, meanings, practices, and norms in early twenty-first-century Asia. Hong Kong and Bollywood offers new answers to the field of inter-Asian cultural studies, which has been energized by the trends towards transnationalism and translatability

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