Communicating the Crisis

Media and Cultural Studies in an Uncertain World

Palgrave Macmillan Explore Communication in Times of Crisis

The contemporary world is characterised by constant change, with increased levels of political upheaval, economic uncertainty and the continual threat of environmental catastrophe.  What is the role of Media, Communication and Cultural Studies in this uncertain world?  How does it shape our perceptions? How does it influence power dynamics? Why is it so vital? What role will it play in shaping our future?

We’ve pulled together ground-breaking work from leading and emerging scholars across the humanities and social sciences that respond to these questions and much more, including a range of books, journal articles and author insights.

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From poverty to climate change, these selected titles address pressing issues facing today's society

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Call for Papers - Mediated Populism

This Palgrave Communications article collection examines the relationship between populism and media culture and practice.  Learn more and find out how to submit your paper.

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