All papers in this collection are currently free-to-view.

The COVID-19 pandemic has sent a shockwave through the international development community, raising challenges to established development policy and practice, and threatening to reverse decades of advances in levels of poverty, gender inequalities, and more. Journals like the EJDR have a critical role to play, now more than ever, in publishing rigorous and critical academic research that evaluate the impacts that COVID-19 is having and assess the implications for the international development community moving forwards.

Mindful of the need to publish academic research related to COVID-19 in a timely manner, the EJDR has put in place special procedures when it comes to submissions related to COVID-19. Thus, whilst not circumventing our rigorous process of peer review, we have sought to expedite the review process. Furthermore, we have been proactive in reaching out to researchers who are working on the impacts and implications of COVID-19. Thus, the EJDR recently published a special issue on COVID-19. This special issue is entirely free to view and can be accessed here.

Other papers related to COVID-19 have been, and will continue to be, assembled in this online special collection. These papers too are currently free-to-view.

We continue to welcome submissions on the development impacts and implications of COVID-19. Please check this page regularly, as papers will be added to this collection on an ongoing basis.

COVID-19 Effects on Public Finance and SDG Priorities in Developing Countries: Comparative Evidence from Bangladesh and Sri Lanka
Sisira R. N. Colombage, Suborna Barua, Madurika Nanayakkara & Udari N. Colombage

Social Protection and Social Cohesion in Times of the COVID-19 Pandemic: Evidence from Kenya
Christoph Strupat

Financing Constraints and Firm’s Productivity Under the COVID-19 Epidemic Shock: Evidence of A-Shared Chinese Companies
Zoey Wong, Afei Chen, Farhad Taghizadeh-Hesary, Rongrong Li & Qunxi Kong

COVID-19 Lockdown and Exposure of Households to Food Insecurity in Uganda: Insights from a National High Frequency Phone Survey
Peter Agamile

Who Called Team Europe? The European Union’s Development Policy Response During the First Wave of COVID-19
Aline Burni, Benedikt Erforth, Ina Friesen, Christine Hackenesch, Maximilian Hoegl & Niels Keijzer

Effects of COVID-19 on Global Financial Markets: Evidence from Qualitative Research for Developed and Developing Economies
Linhai Zhao, Ehsan Rasoulinezhad, Tapan Sarker & Farhad Taghizadeh-Hesary

How Does Firm ESG Performance Impact Financial Constraints? An Experimental Exploration of the COVID-19 Pandemic
Dongyang Zhang, Cao Wang & Yu Dong

Municípios in the Time of Covid-19 in Brazil: Socioeconomic Vulnerabilities, Transmission Factors and Public Policies
Mireille Razafindrakoto, François Roubaud, João Saboia, Marta Reis Castilho & Valeria Pero

The Role of Automatic Stabilizers and Emergency Tax–Benefit Policies During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Evidence from Ecuador
H. Xavier Jara, Lourdes Montesdeoca & Iva Tasseva

COVID-19 and Federalism in India: Capturing the Effects of State and Central Responses on Mobility
Himangshu Kumar, Manikantha Nataraj & Srikanta Kundu

COVID-19 and the Performance of Exporting Companies in Benin
Augustin F. C. Chabossou, Gbêtondji Melaine Armel Nonvide, Boris O. K. Lokonon, Cocou Jaurès Amegnaglo & Laurent G. Akpo

How to Assess the Child Poverty and Distributional Impact of COVID-19 using Household Budget Surveys: An Application Using Turkish Data
Meltem A. Aran, Nazli Aktakke, Zehra Sena Kibar & Emre Üçkardeşler

How COVID-19 pandemic worsens the economic situation of women in South Africa
Margaret Chitiga, Martin Henseler, Ramos Emmanuel Mabugu & Hélène Maisonnave

Estimating Employment Gains of the Proposed Infrastructure Stimulus Plan in Post-Covid-19 South Africa
Alexis Habiyaremye, Olebogeng Molewa & Pelontle Lekomanyane

COVID-19 and the Performance of Exporting Companies in Benin
Augustin F. C. Chabossou, Gbêtondji Melaine Armel Nonvide, Boris O. K. Lokonon, Cocou Jaurès Amegnaglo & Laurent G. Akpo

The Luxury of Lockdown
Mehdi Shiva & Hassan Molana

COVID-19 and Global Poverty: Are LDCs Being Left Behind?
Giovanni Valensisi

Governance of Eswatini Apparel Regional Value Chains and the Implications of Covid-19
Giovanni Pasquali & Shane Godfrey

An Ethnographic Examination of People’s Reactions to State-Led COVID-19 Measures in Sierra Leone
Jess Jones

The emergence of Urban Community Resilience Initiatives During the COVID-19 Pandemic: An International Exploratory Study
Jan Fransen, Daniela Ochoa Peralta, Francesca Vanelli, Jurian Edelenbos & Beatriz Calzada Olvera

Malawi at the Crossroads: Does the Fear of Contracting COVID-19 Affect the Propensity to Vote?
Gowokani Chijere Chirwa, Boniface Dulani, Lonjezo Sithole, Joseph J. Chunga, Witness Alfonso & John Tengatenga