EJDR Early Careers initiative The European Journal of Development Research (EJDR) recognises the need to provide a forum for the publication of original and high quality research by individuals that are early in their research career. By ‘early’ we intend up to 5 years post-doctorate; or with 5 years or less research experience. 

We understand that producing publishable research requires the understanding of the journal peerreview and publication process. This is in addition to requirements for the preparation of papers to abide by EJDR’s standards in terms of content, and to follow EJDR’s instructions for authors in terms of form. 

  • Early careers researchers may not always be familiar with these processes. EJDR’s early careers initiative has been designed to assist with the understanding of this process. It is a ‘supported learning’ submissions route for early careers authors, to help fulfil their potential. Authors whose manuscripts are eligible for the early careers initiative will benefit from:
  • Initial feedback on the manuscript (upon submission, before it is sent out for blind peer review): this is to ensure the paper is strong, and that it will be assessed on its merit by reviewers. 

Advice on the best way of incorporating reviewers’ feedback. EJDR has appointed Dr Tewodaj Mogues as Editor, Early Careers Submissions. 

Please note that Early Careers manuscripts, whilst benefitting from the support and advice of EJDR’s Editor, Early Careers Submissions, will be subject to the same blind peer review process and stringent quality standards that are applied to all other EJDR papers. EJDR reserves the right to deskreject an early careers submission, should the developmental angle and relevance of the paper not be clear, should the subject be inadequately presented, or should the manuscript not meet the minimum standard for consideration for the Early Careers initiative. EJDR equally reserves the right to desk-reject submissions after revisions following the Editor’s feedback, if the quality of the revised version does not merit proceeding to the peer review process. 

Am I eligible for EJDR’s Early Careers initiative? 

You are eligible to submit a paper to EJDR, marked as ‘early career’, if: 

  • Your latest academic qualification (Doctorate or Masters) was obtained 5 years ago or less,
  • Any other co-authors of the paper are also early careers researchers 

How can I submit a paper for consideration under EJDR’s Early Careers initiative? 

1. Please familiarise yourself with EJDR’s instructions for authors, and ensure that your manuscript abides by these guidelines. 

           a. NB: For the moment, Early Career papers can only be accepted in English. We currently do not accept manuscripts in French or Spanish. 

2. Submit your manuscript to EJDR via its online portal https://mc.manuscriptcentral.com/fedr Last revised 13th July 07 

3. Mark your paper as an ‘early careers submission’ by ticking the appropriate box (see screenshot below). 

4. Provide details of your early career status in your covering letter. As a minimum, indicate the date when, and institution where, your doctorate was obtained. Please provide any relevant supporting documentation as a ‘supplemental file’ when uploading the material for your manuscript. Detail your research experience by providing a copy of your CV.