In celebration of UDI's 20th anniversary volume and to showcase its global, relevant content, the editors of the journal are delighted to present this hand-picked selection of articles, FREE to view for the rest of the year.

The issue celebrates a variety of recently published paper that focuses on Asian urban projects, designs and concerns. We hope you enjoy them!

Shrinking communities in Japan: Community ownership of assets as a development potential for rural Japan?
Thomas Feldhoff
Urban Des Int 18: 99-109 (21 November 2012)

Tokyo Station City: The railway station as urban place
John Zacharias, Tianxin Zhang and Naoto Nakajima
Urban Des Int 16: 242-251

Sustainability and urban sprawl: Alternative scenarios for a Bangkok superblock
Sidh Sintusingha
URBAN DESIGN International 11, 151-172

Vertical cities as a solution for land scarcity: the tallest public housing development in Singapore
K M Grace Wong
Urban Des Int 9, 17-30

New courtyard houses of Beijing: direction of future housing development
Donia Zhang
Urban Des Int 11, 133-150

New Urbanism and township developments in Malaysia
nuar Alias, Azlan Shah Ali, Chan Keen Wai
URBAN DESIGN International 16, 76-93 (3 November 2010)

Design control in post-reform China: A case study of Shenzhen's commercial office development
Zhaohua Deng
URBAN DESIGN International 14, 118-136 (23 June 2009)

Design history of China's gated cities and neighbourhoods: Prototype and evolution
Miao Xu, Zhen Yang
URBAN DESIGN International 14, 99-117 (23 June 2009)

The making of successful public space: a case study of People's Park Square
C K Heng and V Chan
Urban Des Int 5, 47-55

From traditional to contemporary: Revelations in Chinese garden and public space design
Bo Yang and Nancy J Volkman
Urban Des Int 15, 208-220

Urban transformations: a history of design ideas
Julienne Hanson
Urban Des Int 5: 97–122