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This resource site has been designed to provide support and extension activities for all users of this text whether you’re a lecturer organising your teaching around the book or a student looking for material to help direct and reinforce your learning.

This Palgrave Macmillan Companion Website has free access and you’re invited to explore all areas of the site as you please. However we do ask you to register your details with us and sign up for an account.

We envisage this site to be used in tandem with the textbook to create and deliver a complete teaching package for lecturers and students.

The website is divided into the following sections and sub sections:

  • Audio downloads
    This section provides Mp3 files containing readings from Old and Middle English texts
  • Text Commentary Book
    This sections contains the worked examples and textual analyses of many Activities from the book. It also provides additional material on:
    • Old English pronunciation
    • Old English grammar
    • Specific transcriptions and translations
    • English spelling today
    • The development of English spelling
  • Word Book
    The Word Book contains a complete word-list in alphabetical order for each Old and Middle English text and for selected Early Modern English texts. It also contains lists of loan-words from the early 13 th to the 20 th centuries.
We hope that you find the website both interesting and informative.

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