Mastering Arabic Online Audio Flashcards

Review and test yourself on the key vocabulary in the Mastering Arabic courses using these interactive online flashcards.

On this page you will find links to free online audio flashcards to accompany Mastering Arabic 1 and Mastering Arabic 2. Each set of flashcards contains up to 30 items of key vocabulary for review, divided according to the units of main courses.

  • Mastering Arabic 1 flashcard sets cover a number of units grouped together (with the exception of the review units 8, 15 and 20). Plurals are only included if they have been introduced in the main course.
  • Mastering Arabic 2 has a dedicated set of flashcards for each unit (with the exception of the review units 7 and 14). Plurals are included for all nouns.

Mastering Arabic 1
Flashcard links

Mastering Arabic 2
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How to use the flashcards

You can study the flashcards online or download the free BYKI Light software to your computer. The flashcards will enable you to hear, learn, recognise and produce the vocabulary (using the on-screen Arabic keyboard included). In addition you can study the individual Arabic letters making up a particular word (using the "Alphabet" tab). The premium BYKI Delux software will give you access to further features including tests, dictations and games.

The Mastering Arabic flashcards do not include the short Arabic vowels (with the exception of the doubling sign shadda). This is to enable you to start recognising Arabic words without vowels from the beginning, since this is how they are usually written. The audio will remind you of the pronunciation. The Arabic answers should also be keyed without vowels, and the flashcards have been set up to accept as correct the word keyed with or without shadda.

Other features of the flashcards are explained by pressing the "Help" button (a question mark in the top right of the flashcard).

We hope these flashcards will be an invaluable companion to your Mastering Arabic course, both for unit-by-unit study of vocabulary and for ongoing review.



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