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Mastering Chinese

by Catherine Hua Xiang

Lion DancingOur modern and engaging course is designed for complete beginners. Whether you are learning Mandarin for leisure or business purposes, Mastering Chinese allows you to develop your conversational skills and, if you choose to, start learning the beautiful Chinese script at your own pace.

On this website you will find:

  • a complete transcript of the audio on the CDs, so you can check your understanding
  • additional audio material to help you practise your pronunciation both through New Words and Phrases in each unit and through a complete set of sound combinations of Pinyin
  • a list of further online resources.
Along with the Mastering Chinese book and CD pack, this additional audio will help you develop your confidence further.

A Note from the author

Catherine XiangEveryone can master Mandarin Chinese and in doing so, you’ll open the doors to a wonderfully rich culture and potential business opportunities. I have been teaching Chinese in China and the UK for ten years. My advice for new learners is to keep practising and practising to get the basics right and always pay attention to your pronunciation to successfully develop your speaking and listening skills.

These additional audio resources will help you do just that and when you’re ready to go further, visit the suggested online resources to improve your learning even more.

We hope you enjoy mastering Mandarin Chinese!
Catherine Hua Xiang

Good Luck
 Good luck with your studies!


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