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Frequently Asked Questions

Please note these Frequently Asked Questions refer primarily to open access monographs and Palgrave Pivot publications. FAQs relating to journals can be found on the Palgrave Macmillan journals website.

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Creative Commons licenses

Under which license is open access content published at Palgrave Macmillan?

Palgrave Open publishes content under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY) License to support maximum dissemination and use. This License allows readers to alter, transform, or build upon the article and then distribute the resulting work under the same or similar license to this one. The work must be attributed back to the original author and commercial use is permitted. Read the full legal code.

The CC BY license complies with a range of open access policies and allows authors to meet the public access requirements of many major funding bodies and institutions worldwide.

Palgrave Macmillan is the only commercial publisher to offer this license across 3 publication outputs: journal articles, mid-form (Palgrave Pivot) and long-form (monograph) research.

I want to publish my title open access, but I don't want to use the CC BY license; do you offer any alternatives?

Alternative Creative Commons licenses are available to authors on request.

Open access publication charge and funding

How much is the open access publication charge?

  • Monographs: 11,000 / $17,500 + VAT/taxes where applicable
  • Palgrave Pivot publications: 7,500 / $12,000 + VAT/taxes where applicable
  • Journals: for details of the Author Processing Charge (APC) for journals, please visit the Palgrave Macmillan journals website

All prices subject to change.

What does the open access publication charge include?

Open access titles will receive the same high quality service and production standards as our non-open access titles. The publication charge does not entitle the author to any non-standard services. Please note that the author remains responsible for the index.

How has the open access publication charge been calculated?

The level of the publication charge, which in many cases we envisage being met by funders, has been calculated by looking at all costs involved in our publishing process, from editorial to production, marketing, dissemination, and supporting discoverability. It reflects the fact that content published via Palgrave Open will be subject to the same rigorous professional process as all other Palgrave Macmillan publications. We appreciate that not all academics are able to meet such costs, but our purpose in launching Palgrave Open is to provide an option to those that are interested in publishing through this route.

There are few publishers offering an Open Access option for monographs, and Palgrave Macmillan is the only mainstream commercial publisher to offer the CC-BY license to authors. The CC-BY license means that we may not make any further revenues from a title. You can view a comparison of these services below:


License(s) available

Publication charge

PDF free to download

ePub free to download

de Gruyter Open Library




ePub not available





ePub not available

Manchester University Press Open Monograph

MUP's recommended licence is CC-BY-NC, CC BY available when required

A base cost of £5,900 for titles up to 80,000 words long and banded costs for longer books


No - consumer ebooks will be sold and marketed in the same way as MUP’s non-OA books

Palgrave Open

CC BY + other CC licenses by request

Monographs: £11,000 / $17,500
Palgrave Pivot publications: £7,500 / $12,000


Yes - meaning the full ebook text is available via multiple devices

Springer Open Access Books


An average book (monograph or edited volume) costs around €15,000.
SpringerOpen books charge a publication fee at the beginning of the publication process. This fee varies depending on the number of pages per book.


ePub not available


How will authors from the Humanities and Social Science community fund the open access publication charge?

Some institutions have set aside funds to support open access publications; these can often be accessed via academic departments or university libraries. Some funders will allow you to apply for funding to publish your research open access, either at the point of applying for the research funding or once you have completed the research.

What if authors don't want to publish research open access?

These authors should be assured that Palgrave Macmillan is committed to disseminating their titles through our print and online sales channels around the world. We offer a high quality service to all authors, regardless of whether they choose to publish open access or not. Palgrave Open simply provides authors with the option of publishing research open access, alongside our traditional models.

Will you offer publication charge waivers or discounts to authors from developing countries?

No. Our publication charge is set at a level to be sustainable, as such we are unable to offer any discounts or waivers. Authors without access to funds to cover the open access publication charge are able to publish their title with Palgrave Macmillan using the traditional model.

However, we are keen to support authors from low-income countries and will be announcing our plans shortly.

Peer-review process

What is your peer-review procedure?

Peer-review plays an important role as part of our quality assurance, and thus we use the same rigorous peer-review process for all titles (including those published open access). There is some variation in the peer-review process depending upon the academic/professional area. For the standard process, initial proposals that qualify for publication are peer reviewed (single-blind) by at least one academic or expert. Upon receipt of the complete manuscript it may be peer reviewed by at least one more academic or expert, who writes a review. Commissioning staff discuss the review(s) with the author, and if necessary another reviewer may be sought and necessary revisions will be made. We have a broad network of reviewers that we know and trust, but reviewers are sought on a title-by-title basis, to ensure reviewers are knowledgeable about the subject area. Reviewers are typically Associate Professor or Lecturer level and above.

Format and availability

Where and when will the research be made open access and in what formats?

Research is made open access immediately on publication via Palgrave Connect. The ePub and PDF are both freely available to download, meaning users can access this open access content on their devices, as well as their laptop/PC, and via institutional repositories

Will there be a print version of my book available?

Yes, print copies will be available on demand for those who wish to purchase the research in hardcopy.

Information for authors

How do I publish my research via Palgrave Open?

Please contact the appropriate Editor:

My manuscript is already in production, can I now publish open access?

No, authors must sign an open access agreement with us and pay the publication charge prior to your manuscript entering the production process.

Can I include material from 3rd parties in my open access publication?

If your publication is likely to be made open access at any point you should carefully consider whether you need to include any third party material in your manuscript. Third Party material is only acceptable in an open access publication if you:

  1. have discussed it with, and have the agreement of, your editorial contact to include it
  2. are able to secure the necessary terms to enable such content to be made available in an open access form (these must be at least the same terms as the creative commons license under which the content will be made available).

If you need to seek formal permission to re-use third party material it is unlikely that you will be able to secure sufficient permission to cover open access publication unless the material you wish to re-use is already available on similar open access terms, so do bear this in mind when thinking about what to include. At the very least, it is likely to take longer to negotiate a permissions agreement, and be more expensive. Our advice is therefore to avoid using third party content in your publication wherever possible.

What is Palgrave Macmillan’s policy on self archiving / archiving in institutional repositories?

Palgrave Macmillan has carefully considered its position on permitting authors to archive their contributions to Palgrave Macmillan products either via their own website or via their institution's or funding body's on-line repository/archive. Full details are available in the authors section of the Palgrave Macmillan website.

Information for librarians

Will open access ebooks be included in Palgrave Connect?

Open access ebooks will be included in Palgrave Connect, but libraries will not be charged for these titles. Customers purchasing ebooks on Palgrave Connect as Collections should be assured that they will not be charged for any open access titles.

Will Palgrave Macmillan provide MARC records for titles published open access?

Yes. Libraries are welcome to use Palgrave Connect MARC records for open access titles so as to make these ebooks discoverable from their catalogue.