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Companion websites for our key textbooks

Many of our textbooks have companion websites. They provide additional materials and extension activities to help lecturers use the text in their teaching and to help students practice and reinforce their learning independently.

Some pages on companion sites are password protected. This is usually because the pages contain answers to test questions or material that is only available to instructors who have confirmed an adoption.

How do I find the companion site?

To find the companion site for the text you are using, first go to the webpage for the text on this site (using the search box at the top right of this screen), then scroll down to the 'Related Sites' section and click on the 'companion website' link.

If you are an instructor and you have previously registered on palgrave.com we recommend that you sign-in (using the sign-in link at the top of any screen) before browsing companion site material.

There are three main types of companion sites:

  1. Companion sites for books published by Bedford/St. Martin’s, W.H.Freeman and Worth Publishers
  2. Companion sites for books published by Palgrave
  3. Companion sites for books published by Sinauer

To discover the publisher of your book simply click on ‘further details’ of the book

Once you have opened the relevant companion website, please follow the next steps:

For Palgrave titles:

  • Select Lecturer Zone on the left handside menu
  • Click the ‘Request Access’ box on the right hand side of the page

For Bedford, Freeman and Worth titles:

  • Select the ‘Instructor Resources’ tab
  • Press ‘request international access’
  • Press ‘request instructor access’
  • Press ‘request instructor access’

For Sinauer titles:

  • You can only request instructor access for Sinauer titles via your account representative.
  • In the US/Canada. Please contact Linda VandenDolder at linda.vandendolder@sinauer.com
  • Outside of the US/Canada? Please contact Lecturer Services at lecturerservices@palgrave.com including details of the book you wish to request access for.