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Palgrave Macmillan

The Rise of the New East

Business Strategies for Success in a World of Increasing Complexity

ISBN 9781137370051
Publication Date June 2014
Formats Hardcover Ebook (EPUB) Ebook (PDF) 
Publisher Palgrave Macmillan

How should we respond to the rise of the East? From China, to India, to Dubai, powerfully disruptive forces have resulted from the East's resurgence, and the clash of these forces have produced unexpected commercial opportunities and complexities.

Taking the reader on a tour of the fast changing East, The Rise of the New East provides simple business strategies for dealing with the world's growing complexity. Influential author Ben Simpfendorfer leads the next generation of commentary on emerging markets to take it beyond simple binary or straight-line outcomes, arguing that the business world should respond to the East's rise by embracing complexity and planning for the unexpected. In a rare combination of high-level economic and political analysis and street-level experience - China's vast factories, to Indonesia's Muslim consumers, to India's Bollywood films - the emerging world is presented in an accessible and engaging way and the result is essential guidance for financial investors, senior managers, and business owners. Simpfendorfer relates his experience of working for some of the world's largest multinationals; transacting deals between countries such as China and Pakistan; and assisting mid-sized foreign companies to decide how to enter the East, in order to provide his readers with commercially relevant and tested solutions.
Offering accessible and compelling coverage of the key themes of urbanization, the rise of the middle class, resource scarcity, and the post-colonial power shifts, each chapter in The Rise of the New East concludes by providing business leaders with some practical tools that they can incorporate into their business strategy to achieve success in this increasingly complex world.

Ben Simpfendorfer is Founder and Managing Director of Silk Road Associates, a strategy consultancy based in Hong Kongwith offices in Beijing and Melbourne. Ben assists multinationals and mid-market firms develop their business strategies in Asia and the Middle East. Ben was the former Chief China Economist for RBS and Senior China Economist for JPMorgan where he advised some of the world's largest financial institutions and multinationals. He writes a regular column for FT.com's beyondbrics and is the bestselling author of The New Silk Road (Palgrave, 2009). He is also associated with the international advisory, Global Strategic Associates.

1. The Rise of the East's Middle Class
2. The End of "Made in China"
3. Tapping into the Muslim Market
4. Bollywood Stars and Indonesian Punk Rock
5. China Goes Global, Again
6. Small Trucks and Big Planes
7. The East's Uncertain Urban Future
8. A Water and Energy Nexus
9. Conclusion


'Simpfendorfer gives his topic a thorough treatment. His insights…give an impressive oversight into key trends shaping the region…a combination of anecdotes, personal travel tales, and a lot of statistics in a book that is easy to read' -Financial Times beyondbrics
"A canny snapshot of a sprawling, kaleidoscopic and ever growing marketplace...Simpfendorfer writes with vibrancy and enthusiasm" -Kirkus
"The Rise of the New East presents insightful and thought-provoking views of the business opportunities and challenges in the vast markets of Asia. The book provides compelling evidence, using fascinating and fun real-world stories from the author's wide experience in Asia. Key reading for anyone who wants to understand the changing dynamics in the markets of the East."
- Frank Newman, former Deputy Secretary of the U.S. Treasury Department, former CEO of Bankers Trust, and former CEO of Shenzhen Development Bank, China
"Ben is a thorough and totally involved observer of matters Eastern with an ability to articulate his thoughts clearly both orally and, as in this case, in a totally unstuffy, readable and informative book. A tireless traveler with an enquiring economist's mind, he shines because of his ability to cross cultural and language barriers with an ease I have yet to find in others."
- David Eldon, former Chairman of HSBC Asia Pacific
"No one is better qualified or more engaging than Ben Simpfendorfer to describe, analyze and explain the stunning rise and turbulence of the 'New Asia'. While engaging us with great stories, Ben nevertheless avoids the temptation to simplify what is inherently complex: his deep appreciation of economics, culture and politics stretching from China to the Arab world informs his analysis with powerful subtlety and insight. For anyone who cares about the shape of the next 20 years, this is required, and rewarding, reading."
- Teresa Barger, CEO and CIO, Cartica Capital and co-Founder of the Emerging Markets Private Equity Association (EMPEA)
"Though the theme of The Rise of the New East is rapid change in Asian market dynamics, there is one clear constant: Ben Simpfendorfer remains the best guide and analyst to the mega-region stretching from Shanghai to Riyadh. This book embraces complexity rather than ignoring or over-simplifying it. Essential reading for the rebalanced world."
- Parag Khanna, author of The Second World: How Emerging Powers are Redefining Global Competition in the 21st Century
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