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Palgrave Macmillan

A Woman's Framework for a Successful Career and Life

ISBN 9781137293183
Publication Date July 2013
Formats Hardcover Paperback Ebook (EPUB) Ebook (PDF) 
Publisher Palgrave Macmillan

Successfully Navigating a Profession is a comprehensive resource for young women trying to figure out how to build a successful career in today's world. Unfortunately, young women navigating the current workforce are faced with career metaphors that can make achieving a successful career tantamount to sending a text message from a rotary phone. While building a satisfying career in today's economy isn't quite as easy as laying on your couch and texting in your American Idol votes, it doesn't have to seem impossible either. This book explains how. Its 2010 – women routinely serve on the President's cabinet (President Obama's has five), lead large corporations such as Pepsi and Xerox, and comprise 60 percent of college graduates. The ingredients to the 'secret sauce' of a woman's career aren't so secret anymore. However, few books provide those ingredients in a straightforward, organized way. In this timely work, the authors lay out, one by one, the building blocks for a successful, lifelong career – focusing on skills (such as leadership and communication), mentoring, work-life fit, and personal branding. Is this book a cookbook for success of a modern women's career? Probably not; even the most accomplished women don't claim to have followed a formulaic path to success. What Hamerstone and Musser Hough do is help a young woman think about what her satisfying career might really look like and provide a unifying framework for how to get there. Appropriate for a young woman just entering the workforce up through a woman in mid-career (who doesn't have time to read a dozen different books on various narrow career topics), Successfully Navigating a Profession lays out the key elements of a successful career in a concise and logical manner. Those elements include core skills - Leadership, Communication, Negotiation as well as Networking, Mentoring, Career Path Navigation, Work-Life Fit, and Personal Brand. Each topic includes a summary of key research and leading thought on these issues and is infused with examples and commentary from successful women gathered through interviews the authors conducted with women of all ages in corporate, government, and non-for-profit organizations. Most importantly, each chapter answers the 'So What Does this Mean for Me?' question by offering realistic, concrete suggestions for how women can Successfully Navigate a Profession. The authors offer a unique blend of practical and academic experiences that provides the reader with a framework to successfully navigate her career in today's economy.

James E. Hamerstone is a Visiting Assistant Professor in the Management Department at Gettysburg College, USA and the creator of the popular "Women in Organizations" seminar and www.SNAPWomen.com. In addition to his work on Women in Business, he also teaches courses in International Management and Human Resource Management. As a result of developing the 'Women in Organizations' seminar, he has been able to engage in conversations with young women who, at twenty years old, are already struggling to envision what their career path may look like in the current economy. Over the last eighteen months, he has conducted numerous interviews with women who are senior executives that allowed them to reflect on their experiences and link them to the challenges facing young women who are just entering the workforce. Jim frequently speaks to groups of people ranging in size from 50 to 1000 and most recently has been asked to speak frequently on the topic of women and work. Prior to teaching, for 30 years Jim was a Senior Human Resource Executive at TRW, a 60,000 employee space, defense and automotive supply company. He was Senior Vice President of Human Resources at UH Case Medical Center in Cleveland a 20,000 employee integrated academic medical center. He has a Masters degree from Harvard where he focused on organizational behavior.

Lindsay Musser Hough has worked in the management consulting industry for 10 years and is currently with Deloitte Consulting, a company that consistently tops the annual list of Top Employers for Mothers by Working Mother magazine, as well as BusinessWeek's 'Best Places to Launch a Career.' Despite all the supports such a great company has to offer, Lindsay still saw a gap in the tools and career paths being offered to young women beginning their careers. The purpose of this book is to help fill that gap. Lindsay's area of consulting expertise is in assisting government agencies address the human resources side of new processes and technology. She has worked with clients ranging from the US Transportation Security Administration to the PA Department of Public Welfare. She has a bachelor's degree in psychology and music from Gettysburg College and a Master of Public Administration from American University. At Deloitte, Lindsay has been a member of Deloitte's Women's Initiative Management Action Committee, a group of managers selected to advise Deloitte's National WIN leader. She has also been featured as part of Deloitte's Women's History Celebration and in Diversity and Inclusion publications by Deloitte. At Deloitte, Lindsay has formally and informally counseled many women and men regarding their career paths, personal branding, and communication and leadership styles.

1. Introduction
2. Build your...Board
3. Build your...Brand
4. Build your...Communication Skills
5. Build your...Negotiation Skills
6. Consider...Ambition
7. Consider...Leadership
8. Consider...Work-Life Fit
9. Consider...Career Path Navigation 
10. Consider...Working Globally
11. Bringing it All Together


"Although the work is targeted toward college women, others in this age group and beyond can benefit from its guidelines. Hamerstone (an academic) and Hough (a consultant) design the work so that it is structured enough to use in a career development class yet practical enough for personal use. . . . The book's strength is in its breadth and practicality." - Recommended in CHOICE
"Hamerstone and Hough's practical tips on building your personal brand and board will resonate with women as they navigate their early career. The book's roadmap for career success and advancement provides meaningful scenarios with clear steps to avoid the common pitfalls of professional life. Young women early in their career will glean advice and insight for their own career, but men and women of all career stages should read this book to understand their role and impact in building the next generation of leaders." - Elissa Sangster, Executive Director, Forté Foundation
'The approaches outlined in A Women's Framework for A Successful Career and Life offer women an early path to sustained career advancement. The authors provide practical, useful tips that can be put to use from day one of a woman's career. If more women read and follow their advice, we will be well on our way to closing the leadership gap that persists today in the ranks of executive women.' - Kathryn Heath, Partner, Flynn Heath Holt Leadership, and co-author, Break Your Own Rules: How to Change the Patterns of Thinking That Block Women's Paths to Power
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