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Palgrave Macmillan

Beyond Inclusion

Worklife Interconnectedness, Energy, and Resilience in Organizations

ISBN 9781137385413
Publication Date August 2014
Formats Hardcover Ebook (EPUB) Ebook (PDF) 
Publisher Palgrave Macmillan

After infusing equity into organizational processes, conducting diversity training, and ensuring fair hiring practices, today's leaders have hit a brick wall. While they have diversified organizations, they realize that more needs to be done to make their organizations truly inclusive.

Beyond Inclusion adopts a holistic and systems view of the organization and presents a robust model of how individuals and leaders experience inclusion in the workplace. Borrowing the African concept of Ubuntu, which assumes the connectedness and interdependence within a social system, the authors frame and make concrete the thoughts and actions that result in inclusive organizations. After presenting an actionable model of organizational inclusion based upon rigorous research with thousands of individual contributors and leaders in several countries including the U.S., the authors discuss concrete strategies and leadership actions that create, nurture, and sustain workplace inclusion. Leaders will learn specific behaviors that energize themselves and their employees, resulting in more inclusive teams, departments, and organizational cultures.

J. Goosby Smith is Associate Professor of Management at Pepperdine University, USA. Her areas of expertise include strategic inclusion and diversity consulting. Her research areas are workplace inclusion and veterans' issues in higher education. She holds a B.S. from Spelman College, USA, and M.B.A. and Ph.D. degrees from Case Western Reserve University, USA.

Josie Bell Lindsay is CEO of Bell and Lindsay, Inc., a management consulting firm. She has expertise in leadership development, executive coaching, team effectiveness, the human side of technology, change management, and inclusion. A consultant at Fortune 500 companies and national conference presenter, she holds an M.S. in organizational development from Case Western Reserve University, USA.

1. Introduction
2. Ubuntu
3. The Research
4. Connection
5. Intrapersonal Inclusion
6. Communication
7. Mentoring and Coaching
8. Care
9. Fairness and Trust
10. Visibility and Reward
11. External Stakeholders
12. Ubuntu in Action


"In Beyond Inclusion, J. Goosby Smith and Josie Bell Lindsay draw on years of experience and extensive conversations to offer a road map for making diversity meaningful, and for transforming best intentions into best practices. You'd be hard-pressed to find a more thoughtful or compassionate prescription for creating truly inclusive organizations." - President Bill Clinton, USA
"Smith and Lindsay offer a highly practical examination of workplace inclusion that presses past convention and offers a compelling new standard. Unwilling to view inclusion as merely a goal, they illustrate how it can be a driving force for organizations. Those interested in maximizing contributions from employees at all levels and being part of an organization with real staying power should read this book." - James J. Dunne III, Senior Managing Principal, Sandler O'Neill + Partners, L.P.
"Building on the principles of Ubuntu, a philosophical, social, and moral value system of deep human interconnectedness, this practical and thoughtful new book provides insights, best practices, and research-based evidence of the fundamental human need for inclusion and connection. The authors draw on literally thousands of stories collected over years through research and consulting experiences to offer a seven-component model of Ubuntic inclusion. These stories portray compelling examples of what authentic inclusion looks like. Read this book to feel empowered and equipped to make your workplace and community more inclusive!" - Diana Bilimoria, Professor and Chair, Organizational Behavior, Case Western Reserve University, USA
"Because we as global citizens are highly interdependent, our nation and world must acknowledge inclusion first and foremost as a moral imperative. Grounded in Ubuntu, an African philosophy and core value system of interconnectedness, this book provides concrete strategies to help leaders create inclusive organizational environments, leveling the ground of opportunity for all." - Carole F. Hoover, President and CEO, HooverMilstein
"Beyond Inclusion captures the essence of workplace synergy by offering a sustainable schema to reshape our thinking. It reaches beyond the external into the spirit of the heart and soul of engaging human capital in the business of the organization. The authors have provided a pathway to tap into the discernment of the performance improvement and productivity phenomena through a proven model. This journey is worth taking! The question is do we have the courage to embark?" - Anthony J. Culpepper, Vice President of Finance and Administrative Services, Bakersfield College, USA
"This is not a traditional book about diversity and inclusion. Smith and Lindsay have adopted a positive perspective on what is often a tired, critical view of diversity and inclusion. By unlocking the power of Ubuntu and relying on evidence-based practice and research, this book provides a unique and powerful way for leaders to capture the positive possibilities in their workforce. Prepare to have your mind enlightened and expanded." - Kim Cameron, Associate Dean and William Russell Professor of Management & Organizations, Ross School of Business, University of Michigan, USA
"Beyond Inclusion logically and thoroughly illuminates the reasons why many leaders and practitioners are experiencing 'diversity fatigue.' In the work of economic diversity and inclusion, many well-meaning leaders have experienced a plateau (and even a decline) in the effectiveness of their efforts to change culture within their organizations. The authors explain and enlighten us on the theory of Ubuntu, the holistic way of 'being' vs. 'doing.' They provide a blueprint for a culture change that will energize organizations permanently: as they value their people, but more importantly, their people feel valued." - Brian E Hall, CEO, Innogistics
"I was moved. How do we achieve the value inherent in one-ness within our own circles of life, in an age where self-responsibility and self-actualization is all the rage? Combining the logic of the author's extensive research and the spirit that flows from the mind-opening Ubuntu paradigm, Smith and Lindsay present a practical, highly motivating course. The call is often for diversity, yet it is true inclusion that transforms the puzzle pieces into the portrait." - Thomas A. Waltermire, CEO, Team Northeast Ohio
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