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Palgrave Macmillan

Beyond the Business Plan

10 Principles for New Venture Explorers

ISBN 9781137332868
Publication Date November 2013
Formats Hardcover Ebook (EPUB) Ebook (PDF) 
Publisher Palgrave Macmillan

A new way of approaching start-ups which encourages a more flexible plan that allows for uncertainty and change

Business plans do not allow for the unexpected. Often written at the outset of a new business proposal, there is little room for change or learning from experience once the venture is underway.

Beyond the Business Plan provides 10 new principles for starting a new business venture which guarantee the flexibility to face any uncertainties. These principles can be used as an alternative to a traditional business plan or even alongside one allowing it to adapt when needed. This book does not dictate how to run a business but provides the insight needed to overcome unforeseen obstacles, to adapt, grow, and change as necessary. This fresh approach teaches how to be responsive to uncertainty and demonstrates that flexible development can navigate the changing world economy better than any business plan.

SIMON BRIDGE is a practitioner and academic, and has worked in the enterprise field for nearly 30 years, first in LEDU (Northern Ireland's small business agency) and then in his own business as a consultant and facilitator. He is Visiting Professor of Entrepreneurship at the University of Ulster and co-author of Understanding Enterprise, Entrepreneurship and Small Business - a leading enterprise text book, the fourth edition of which is now in preparation - and has also written on social enterprise and enterprise policy. Simon speaks at business and entrepreneurship conferences worldwide and consults with organizations on manager training and development in entrepreneurship.

CECILIA HEGARTY is an active contributor to the national strategy for entrepreneurship education in Ireland and has worked in entrepreneurship higher education for over 10 years in programme development and delivery from undergraduate to post-doctoral level. She is also a consultant working directly with SMEs on entrepreneurship and training. Dr Hegarty sits on a number of international journal review boards and has published widely in the field of entrepreneurship and enterprise including journal articles, book chapters and textbooks. Cecilia's current research interests relate to entrepreneurship education, family SME growth and succession and applied enterprise research. Cecilia is also a regular conference speaker and regularly presents papers and new research to these key networks.

1. The purpose of this book
2. Business plans - why are they advocated?
3. Are business plans appropriate?
4. Business plans are not the only option
5. Enterprise and exploration
6. A guide for explorers?

7. The starting point: understanding how to explore
8. Principle 1 - An enterprise is a means not an end
9. Principle 2 - Don't commit more than you can afford to lose
10. Principle 3 - Start from where you are
11. Principle 4 - Carry out reality checks and make appropriate plans
12. Principle 5 - The only reliable test is a real one
13. Principle 6 - Get started and get some momentum
14. Principle 7 - Accept uncertainty
15. Principle 8 - Look for opportunities
16. Principle 9 - Build and use social capital
17. Principle 10 - Acquire the relevant skills
18. Following the Principles

19. Striking a balance
20. Comparing approaches
21. Some reflections and implications
22. Postscript - The relevance of exploring



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