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Palgrave Macmillan

Canada/US and Other Unfriendly Relations

Before and After 9/11

ISBN 9781137031419
Publication Date August 2012
Formats Ebook (EPUB) Ebook (PDF) Hardcover 
Publisher Palgrave Macmillan

Patricia Molloy breaks new ground with this inter-disciplinary examination of contentious events within and beyond Canada, their relationship to and impact on Canada/US relations, and Canadian political and cultural identity both before and after 9/11. Canada/US and Other Unfriendly Relations examines conceptual issues of war and warfare, sovereignty and violence, multiculturalism, citizenship and identity, human rights and international law. Molloy draws on key theorists in a range of disciplines including sociology, anthropology, international relations, philosophy, Canadian studies, cultural studies, and critical race theory, and gives a close analysis of how myths of Canadian benevolence are circulated in Canadian and American media, from mainstream news to popular television, film, and the Internet. What emerges is a story of a conflicted and stormy relationship between two neighboring countries who rival and envy each other while failing to understand the other.

PATRICIA MOLLOY holds a PhD in Education from the University of Toronto, Canada, and has taught in the areas of war, cinema and popular culture; and women, social difference and popular culture in various universities in Toronto and southern Ontario. She has written and published extensively on representations and narratives of war, violence, sovereignty and nationhood in media, cinema and popular culture. Having tackled the subjects of vampires, werewolves and sovereign violence, her next project is on zombie democracy. Currently Assistant Professor in Communication Studies at Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo, Ontario, she lives in downtown Toronto where she can be spotted at Cinematheque Ontario and every major and small film festival, as well as any anti-war protest.

Killing Canadians (I): The International Politics of Capital Punishment
Killing Canadians (II): The Righteous Politics of the Accident
Marrying Americans: The Identity Politics of the Election(s)
Framing Canadians (I): The Spectacular Politics of the Arrests
Framing Canadians (II): The Extraordinary Politics of Rendition
Resisting Americans: The Precarious Politics of Asylum
(B)ordering Canadians: The Hyperreal Politics of CBC's The Border


"Killing Canadians? Marrying Americans? Resisting and Ordering both? This fascinating study troubles what we think we know about US Americans, Canadians, and their relationships in ways that are as wise as they are witty." - Cynthia Weber, professor of International Relations, University of Sussex and co-editor, International Feminist Journal of Politics
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