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Palgrave Macmillan

Chinese Environmental Governance

Dynamics, Challenges, and Prospects in a Changing Society

ISBN 9781137350688
Publication Date December 2013
Formats Hardcover Ebook (PDF) Ebook (EPUB) 
Publisher Palgrave Macmillan
Series Environmental Politics and Theory

In this edited volume, leading environmental policy experts from China, USA, and Europe provide a contemporary view of Chinese environmental policy, analyzing current discussions among various actors and agencies. The book covers a wide range of topics including the gap between national policy goals and their local implementation, cultural and social factors shaping political behavior, legal and political systems affecting environmental policy creation and execution, new societal forces participating in environmental policymaking and governance, and local state strategies tasked with navigating a mix of political, legal, and societal forces. Featuring in-depth, empirically-grounded analyses with interdisciplinary approaches, the book is ideal reading for scholars interested in the complex nature of balancing Chinese environmental sustainability and economic growth.

Bingqiang Ren is Associate Professor in the School of Public Administration at Beihang University, China. His research interests include environmental governance, public participation, and civil society in China. His work has appeared mainly in Chinese journals such as Chinese Public Administration and Journal of the Chinese Academy of Governance.

Huisheng Shou is Lecturer of Government Department at Christopher Newport University, USA. His research focuses on comparative and international political economy, globalization, and public policies. His work has appeared in the Journal of Chinese Political Science as well as edited volumes. He was the recipient of the Best Paper Award at the 2010 annual conference of the Association of Chinese Political Science, for his study on China's welfare reform.

1. Introduction: Dynamics, Challenges, and Opportunities in Making a Green China; Bingqiang Ren and Huisheng Shou
2. A Survey of Environmental Deterrence in China's Evolving Regulatory Framework; Anna Brettell
3. Does Cadre Turnover Help or Hinder China's Green Rise? Evidence from Shanxi Province; Sarah Eaton and Genia Kostka
4. Incentive structures and Compatible Development in a Chinese Local State; Jianguo Chen
5. Environmental Management, Financing, and Performance in Chinese Firms: Evidence from a Na
6. Mind The Gap: the Role of Foreign-invested Firms in Narrowing the Implementation Gap in China's Environmental Governance; Phillip Stalley
7. Environmental Protests and Rural Governance in China; Bingqiang Ren
8. Environmental NGOs and Participative Governance: the Case of the PM2.5 Incident; Zhen Lin and Yin Guan
9. Firm Management and Environmental Organizational Violence in China; Gary Green and Huisheng Shou
10. Socialization and Intergenerational Change of Environmental Consciousness in China; Xiaoqing Liu
11. China's Environmental Crisis and Confucianism: Proposing a Confucian Green Theory to Save the Environment; Joel J. Kassiola

Jianguo Chen, North China Electric Power University, China
Sarah Eaton, University of Waterloo, Canada
Gary S. Green, Christopher Newport University, USA
Yin Guan, Beijing Forestry University, China
Joel J. Kassiola, San Francisco State University, USA
Genia Kostka, Frankfurt School of Finance and Management, Germany
Xiaojun Li, University of British Columbia, Canada
Zhen Lin, Beijing Forestry University, China
Xiaoqing Liu, Peking University, China
Phillip Stalley, DePaul University, USA


'China's current environmental governance system is, as the title of this book suggests, in a critical juncture of transition. This edited volume is an excellent survey of the environmental challenges faced by Chinese government and society in the twenty-first century. This comprehensive and valuable policy-related discussion of Chinese environmental policy considers the opportunities and limits China faces as it seeks to balance environmental protection and sustainable development. This book will add significantly to the literature on China's environmental crisis. It will attract a great deal of interest in the field and is well-suited to use in university classes.' – Wei Liang, Associate Professor, Monterey Institute of International Studies, Middlebury College, USA
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