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Palgrave Macmillan

Civil Society Organizations, Unemployment, and Precarity in Europe

Between Service and Policy

ISBN 9780230391420
Publication Date April 2014
Formats Hardcover Ebook (EPUB) Ebook (PDF) 
Publisher Palgrave Macmillan
Series Work and Welfare in Europe

This book provides a Europe-wide comparative analysis of the role of civil society organizations active in the field of unemployment and precarity. It examines how civil society organizations act in this field through an evidence-based analysis of their activities, resources, and networks. It also looks at how the latter depend on the cultural and institutional context in which they are embedded. The resulting picture is one in which civil society organizations play a crucial role for the inclusion of young unemployed, mainly in two ways: by delivering services or by advocating policy. Service-oriented organizations aim to provide services focused on increasing young people's skills in order to improve their employability by activating them, for example, through training activities, education, and internships. Policy-oriented organizations aim to foster citizens' participation by providing a range of opportunities for an immediate local engagement of young people, for example, by organizing political campaigns, rallies, protest events and other actions requiring an active involvement of their constituencies, members or militants.

Simone Baglioni is Reader in Politics at Glasgow Caledonian University, Scotland. His research interests focus on unemployment and civil society issues.

Marco Giugni is Professor at the Department of Political Science and International Relations and Director of the Institute of Citizenship Studies (InCite) at the University of Geneva, Switzerland. His research interests include social movements and collective action, immigration and ethnic relations, unemployment and social exclusion.


Introduction; Simone Baglioni and Marco Giugni
1. The Political Role of Civil Society in the Policy Field of Youth Unemployment and Precarious Working Conditions; Simone Baglioni, Jasmine Lorenzini, and Lorenzo Mosca
2. Addressing Unemployment in Different Welfare Regimes: Civil Society Organizations and Their Strategies; Jennifer Hobbins, Birgitta Erkisson, and Ewa Bacia
3. Between Passion and Money: Human and Financial Resources and Patterns of Professionalization of Civil Society Organisations; Luis Mota and Vitória Mourão
4. The Impact of Political Opportunity Structures on the Politicization of Civil Society Organizations in the Field of Unemployment and Precarity; Manlio Cinalli and Marco Giugni
5. Networks within the Multi-Organizational Field of Unemployment: A Tale of Seven Cities in Europe; Matteo Bassoli and Manlio Cinalli
6. Local Civil Societies in the Field of Labor Market Issues: Cliques, Cleavages, and Conflicts in the Organizational Networks of Cologne and Turin; Christian Lahusen and Bettina Grimmer
7. Who Are the Powerful Actors? An Analysis of Brokerage in the Networks of Organizations Dealing with Unemployment and Precarity; Matteo Bassoli, Manlio Cinalli, and Marco Giugni
8. Inheriting Divisions? The Role of Catholic and Leftist Affiliation in Local Cooperation Network: The Case of Italy and Poland; Matteo Bassoli and Maria Theiss
9. Mind the Gap: Local Civil Society Organizations and the European Union; Christian Lahusen
Conclusion; Simone Baglioni and Marco Giugni

Ewa Bacia, University of Warsaw, Poland

Matteo Bassoli, Bocconi University, Italy

Manlio Cinalli, Sciences Po (CEVIPOF), France

Birgitta Eriksson, Karlstad University, Sweden

Bettina Grimmer, Siegen University, Germany

Jennifer Hobbins, Swedish National Defense College

Christian Lahusen, Siegen University, Germany

Jasmine Lorenzini, University of Geneva, Switzerland

Lorenzo Mosca, University of Roma Tre, Italy

Luís Mota, University of Lisbon, Portugal

Maria Vitória Mourão, University of Lisbon, Portugal

Maria Theiss, Warsaw University, Poland


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