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Palgrave Macmillan

Constructing Twenty-First Century Socialism in Latin America

The Role of Radical Education

ISBN 9780230338234
Publication Date June 2014
Formats Hardcover Ebook (EPUB) Ebook (PDF) 
Publisher Palgrave Macmillan
Series Marxism and Education

In Constructing Twenty-First Century Socialism: The Role of Radical Education, Motta and Cole explore the role of the politics of knowledge and pedagogy in the reinvention of socialism for the twenty-first century. Through a critical analysis of Brazil, Colombia and Venezuela they deconstruct the mechanisms of neoliberal control as an epistemological project of monologue, closure, and violence against all 'others'. The authors develop an affirmative engagement with the traditions, practices, and politics which seek to challenge this closure through the policies of the counter-hegemonic government of Venezuela, the struggles of social movements in Brazil and Colombia, and the daily resistance of critical educators working in formal educational settings in all three countries. This mapping and analysis not only contribute to struggles for alternatives to capitalism in Latin America, but are translatable to other contexts. The book theorizes that with the exhaustion of neoliberalism, it is time to pedagogize the political and politicize the pedagogical in order to create worlds beyond capitalism.

Sara C. Motta is Senior Lecturer in Politics at the University of Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia. She has published widely in international journals including Political Studies, Latin American Perspective, Antipode, and Historical Materialism
Mike Cole is Professor of Education at the University of East London, UK, and Emeritus Research Professor in Education and Equality, Bishop Grosseteste University, UK. Recent publications include Critical Race Theory and Education: A Marxist Response (Palgrave Macmillan, 2009), and Racism and Education in the UK and US: Towards a Socialist Alternative (Palgrave Macmillan, 2011).

1. Militarised Neoliberalism in Colombia: Disarticulating Dissent and Articulating Consent to Neoliberal Epistemologies, Pedagogies and Ways of Life
2. Brazil and the PT as the popular face of neoliberalism: A contradictory terrain for education and the politics of knowledge
3. The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela: Education and 21st Century Socialism
4.The Alternative School of Community Organisation and Communicational Development, Barrio Pueblo Nuevo, Mérida
5.Epistemological Counter-Hegemonies from Below: Radical Educators in/and the MST and Solidarity Economy Movements
6. Decolonisation in Praxis: Critical Educators, Student Movements and Feminist Pedagogies in Colombia
7.Constructing Twenty-First Century Socialism: The Role of Radical Education


"Motta and Cole's Constructing Twenty-First Century Socialism in Latin America is essential reading for everyone who values the role that critical pedagogy might play in both challenging and transcending the dead zones of the imagination advocated by the prophets of neoliberalism. This book embodies a pedagogy that crosses borders, makes education and dialogue central to politics, and fosters a hope that the true and most effective struggle against neoliberalism will be international and collective." - Henry Giroux, Global Television Network Chair in English and Cultural Studies, McMaster University, Canada
"This is a formidable and inspiring rendition of education as a political force and a testament to a decolonizing pedagogical spirit that dares to reignite the promise of Socialism for the twenty-first century. Motta and Cole powerfully counter hegemonic epistemologies of knowledge, moving us toward a decolonizing field of possibilities. More important is the persuasive manner in which they summon revolutionary educational projects of Latin America to challenge the blight of neoliberalism and reinvigorate our emancipatory dreams." - Antonia Darder, Leavey Endowed Chair in Ethics and Moral Leadership, Loyola Marymount University
"At last, a powerful comparative critique of how the pedagogy of neoliberal politics and the politics of neoliberal pedagogy are being imposed on Latin America, and, most importantly, the responses of Latin American radical educators to these deadening and fatalistic politics and pedagogies. This book gives hope to radical educators everywhere for the possibilities of more grounded and transgressive ways of thinking, seeing, being, doing and feeling from the praxis of Brazilian, Columbian and Venezuelan radical educators today." - Joyce Canaan, Professor of Sociology, Birmingham City University, UK
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