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Palgrave Macmillan

Corporate Security in the 21st Century

Theory and Practice in International Perspective

ISBN 9781137346063
Publication Date June 2014
Formats Hardcover Ebook (EPUB) Ebook (PDF) 
Publisher Palgrave Macmillan
Series Crime Prevention and Security Management

This interdisciplinary collection places corporate security in a theoretical and global context. Arguing that corporate security is becoming the primary form of security in the twenty-first century and affecting an increasing number of people inside and outside of corporations, this is one of the first books to examine corporate security practices in multiple countries and from multiple perspectives.

Bringing together key international scholars from sociology, criminology, political science, critical security studies, international relations, and law, the contributors reveal corporate security practices as diverse, complex, and theoretically-stimulating, and explore a range of issues including regulation, accountability, militarization and strategies of securitization.

Providing an enlightening discussion of the implications of corporate security practices for legal, social, and political theory, this book reveals how these practices are conceived, organized, and managed, and assesses the consequences of more spaces, people, and organizations being governed through corporate security.

Kevin Walby is Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice at the University of Winnipeg, Canada, specializing in security and policing. He is author of Touching Encounters: Sex, Work, and Male-for-Male Internet Escorting (2012) and co-editor of Brokering Access: Power, Politics, and Freedom of Information Process in Canada (2012) and Policing Cities: Urban Securitization and Regulation in a 21st Century World (2013).

Randy K. Lippert is Professor of Criminology at the University of Windsor, Canada specializing in security, policing, and urban governance. He is co-editor of Eyes Everywhere: the Global Growth of Camera Surveillance (2012), Sanctuary Practices in International Perspective (2013), and Policing Cities: Urban Securitization and Regulation in a 21st Century World (2013).

Foreword; Mark Button
Introduction: Governing every Person, Place, and Thing: Critical Studies of Corporate Security; Kevin Walby and Randy K. Lippert
1. Corporate Security at Ford Motor Company: From the Great War to the Cold War; Robert P. Weiss
2. Beyond the Regulatory Gaze? Corporate Security, (In)Visibility and the Modern State; Adam White
3. The Private Eyes of Corporate Culture: The Forensic Accounting and Corporate Investigation Industry and the Production of Corporate Financial Security; James W. Williams
4. The Politics of Corporate Security and the Translation of National Security; Karen Lund Petersen
5. Corporate Security: Governing through Private and Public Law in the Netherlands; Clarissa Meerts
6. Expertise and the Professionalization of Municipal Corporate Security in Canadian Cities; Kevin Walby, Alex Luscombe, and Randy K. Lippert
7. Operational Risk and Reputational Compromise: Managing the Militarization of Corporate Security in Iraq; Conor O'Reilly
8. Relationships and Conflicts in Canadian University Corporate Security Networks; Blair Wilkinson
9. Corporate Security, Licensing and Civil Accountability in the Australian Night-Time Economy; Ian Warren and Darren Palmer
10. Trends and Issues in Corporate Security Practice and Regulation in Australia; Rick Sarre and Tim Prenzler
11. Corporate Security and the Stratum of Security Management; David J. Brooks and Jeffery Corkill
12. Corporate Security and Enterprise Risk Management; Alison Wakefield
13. Crime and Security Liability Concerns at Shopping Centers; Dennis M. Savard and Daniel B. Kennedy

David Brooks, Edith Cowan University, Australia
Jeff Corkill, Edith Cowan University, Australia
Daniel B. Kennedy, University of Detroit, USA
Alex Luscombe, Carleton University, Canada
Clarissa Meerts, Erasmus School of Law, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Conor O'Reilly, Durham University, UK
Darren Palmer, Deakin University, Australia
Karen Lund Petersen, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
Tim Prenzler, Griffith University, Australia
Rick Sarre, University of South Australia, Australia
Dennis M. Savard, Oakland University, USA
Alison Wakefield, University of Portsmouth, UK
Robert P. Weiss, SUNY Plattsburgh, USA
Adam White, University of York, UK
Blair Wilkinson, University of Victoria, Canada
James W. Williams, York University in Toronto, Canada
Ian Warren, Deakin University, Australia


"Studies into private (or commercial) security have become a well established field of academic and practitioner interest over the past three centuries. However, this body of knowledge mostly focuses on manned guarding services and, to a lesser extent, detective work. Kevin Walby and Randy Lippert take a leap forward by broadening the scope of research to corporate security, i.e. different forms of regulatory and investigatory units within organizations like airports, harbors, banks and insurance companies. A must read for everybody interested in security work straddling the public-private divide." - Ronald van Steden, VU University Amsterdam, The Netherlands
"This welcome volume revitalizes the domain of security studies by recognizing that corporations across the globe, acting as hugely influential auspices of governance, have been systematically redefining the boundaries of security provision." - Professor Clifford Shearing, University of Cape Town, South Africa, and Griffith University, Australia
'The public policy debate about cybercrime in developed economies shows little sign of abating and the intermingling of national and corporate security agendas is increasingly prominent. For this reason Corporate Security in the 21st Century is a most timely and important collection dealing with the history, practices and issues of the field. Walby and Lippert have assembled a rich and diverse set of essays to provide the perfect overview of the many faces of corporate security. The contributions deal with the expertise pressures, knowledge transfer dynamics, blurred organisational boundaries and governance ambiguities which characterise the transition of security practices from their murky past to a mainstream corporate position, with critical implications for the corporate management and government interface. This is essential reading for anyone wishing to get a sense of where corporate security is going in the near term'. - Michael Power, London School of Economics and Political Science, UK
"Corporations prefer to conceal the details of their security practices. Corporate Security in the 21st Century sheds light on this traditionally secretive world. With contributions that analyze contexts as different as Iraq's conflict zones and the residences of your local university, both experts and newcomers to this field are bound to learn a tremendous amount from this timely volume." - Kevin Haggerty, University of Alberta, Canada
"Here is another fine addition to the 'Crime Prevention and Security Management' series of books edited by Prof Martin Gill [...] Corporate Security in the 21st Century covers new territory, because as security work goes coporate security is largely invisible." - Professional Security Magazine
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