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Palgrave Macmillan

Econometrics by Example

ISBN 9780230290396
Publication Date April 2011
Formats Paperback 
Publisher Palgrave Macmillan

Damodar Gujarati is the author of bestselling econometrics textbooks used around the world. In his latest book, Econometrics by Example, Gujarati presents a unique learning-by-doing approach to the study of econometrics. Rather than relying on complex theoretical discussions and complicated mathematics, this book explains econometrics from a practical point of view, with each chapter anchored in one or two extended real-life examples. The basic theory underlying each topic is covered and an appendix is included on the basic statistical concepts that underlie the material, making Econometrics by Example an ideally flexible and self-contained learning resource for students studying econometrics for the first time. The book includes:

- a wide-ranging collection of examples, with data on mortgages, exchange rates, charitable giving, fashion sales and more
- a clear, step-by-step writing style that guides you from model formulation, to estimation and hypothesis-testing, through to post-estimation diagnostics
- coverage of modern topics such as instrumental variables and panel data
- extensive use of Stata and EViews statistical packages with reproductions of the outputs from these packages
- an appendix discussing the basic concepts of statistics
- end-of-chapter summaries, conclusions and exercises to reinforce your learning
- a companion website containing PowerPoint slides and a full solutions manual to all exercises for instructors, and downloadable data sets and chapter summaries for students.

DAMODAR GUJARATI has over 40 years of teaching and writing experience. As well as his bestselling textbooks he has published many articles in leading economics and statistics journals. He has Visiting Professorships at leading universities in the UK, Australia, Singapore and India.

CHAPTER 1: The Linear Regression Model: An Overview
CHAPTER 2: Functional Forms of Regression Models
CHAPTER 3: Qualitative Explanatory Variables Regression Models

CHAPTER 4: Regression Diagnostic I: Multicollinearity
CHAPTER 5: Regression Diagnostic II: Heteroscedasticity
CHAPTER 6: Regression Diagnostic III: Autocorrelation
CHAPTER 7: Regression Diagnostic IV: Model Specification Errors

CHAPTER 8: The Logit And Probit Models
CHAPTER 9: Multinomial Regression Models
CHAPTER 10: Oridinal Regression Models
CHAPTER 11: Limited Dependent Variable Regression Models
CHAPTER 12: Modeling Count Data: The Poisson and Negative Binomial Regression Models

CHAPTER 13: Stationary and Nonstationary Time Series
CHAPTER 14: Cointegration and Error Correction Models
CHAPTER 15: Asset Price Volatility: The ARCH and GARCH Models
CHAPTER 16: Economic Forecasting
CHAPTER 17: Panel Data Regression Models
CHAPTER 18: Survival Analysis
CHAPTER 19: Stochastic Regressors and the Method of Instrumental Variables

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'…when it comes to getting clear answers to my basic questions, I always reach for Guj … I wouldn't try to learn econometrics without the Guj.' - student reviewer, Amazon.com
'Econometrics by Example is another innovative textbook by Professor Damodar Gujarati. The numerous in-depth examples not only provide greater insight for students and practitioners of economics, but will also be useful for students in other areas of the social sciences.' – Frank J. Fabozzi, Yale School of Management, USA
'I am impressed with this new approach to the study of econometrics. It uses accessible and interesting examples, and the explanations offered are crystal clear. This will appeal to both undergraduate and Masters students of econometrics.' - Brendan McCabe, Liverpool University, UK
'Clear strengths of this text are the comprehensive set of models presented and the author's expertise in time series econometrics. Moreover, the writing style is engaging and direct and the breadth of material covered is very good indeed.' – Timothy Park, University of Georgia, USA
'I've needed this text for the last 20 years. Why didn't I write it?' - Robert D. Duval, Department of Political Science, University of West Virginia, USA
'The clarity of Professor Gujarati's previous books is exemplified here. This book has an impressive range of topics and adopts an approach that will appeal to students new to econometrics as well as those who have completed an introductory course. The range of applications shows the breadth of modern econometrics, all with Professor Gujarati's trademark clarity of exposition.' - Kerry Patterson, University of Reading, UK
'Gujarati embarks on the worthy goal of anchoring his text in empirical research with illustrative theory.' - Doug Steigerwald, UCSB, USA
'Gujarati presents major methods of econometrics by discussing practical problems in detail. This is an excellent approach, bridging the gap between theory and the real world in a comprehensive and simple manner.' - Pedro A. Cerqueira, Universidade de Coimbra, Portugal
'All too often, textbooks give students an understanding of the theory behind an econometric method but no idea of how to apply it. Econometrics by Example resolves this problem...Thus, a student learns not only theory but - crucially - how to carry out a full econometric analysis on a particular hypothesis from start to finish.' - Anna Stansbury, University of Cambridge, Times Higher Education
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