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Palgrave Macmillan

Environmentalism, Resistance and Solidarity

The Politics of Friends of the Earth International

ISBN 9780230250352
Publication Date October 2013
Formats Hardcover Ebook (EPUB) Ebook (PDF) 
Publisher Palgrave Macmillan
Series Non-Governmental Public Action

In the first detailed study of how a major environmental NGO works transnationally, Brian Doherty and Timothy Doyle examine the relationships between the 74 national organizations of Friends of the Earth International. Drawing from a rich mix of survey data, interviews, archival sources and access to internal meetings, they show how FoEI has developed a distinctive international environmentalism, which allows for the differences in context between regions and across the North-South divide. Following the expansion of FoEI into the global South, the challenges it then faced over questions of ideology, organization and campaign strategy are examined over a twenty year period. The book demonstrates the development of an FoEI tradition of solidarity which accounts for its ability to overcome internal crises and pursue joint campaigns despite conflicting understandings of politics between its national organizations.

Brian Doherty is a Senior Lecturer in Politics at Keele University, UK. His research is mainly on protest and social movements. Previous work on environmental movements includes Ideas and Actions in the Green Movement; Beyond Borders: Environmental Movements and Transnational Politics (with Timothy Doyle) and Direct Action in British Environmentalism.

Timothy Doyle is Chair of Politics and International Relations in SPIRE, at Keele University, UK. He is also Professor of Politics and International Studies, and Founding Chair of Management in the Indo-Pacific Governance Research Centre (IPGRC) at the University of Adelaide, Australia.

1. Introduction: Transnational Social Movement Organizations
2. Many Environmentalisms
3. The FoEI Tradition
4. 'We are heavily in solidarity in this room': agreeing the FoEI Strategic Plan
5. Organizing Globally
6. FoE Actions in National Contexts
7. Food Sovereignty
8. Climate Justice
9. Conclusion: Legitimacy, Cosmopolitanism and Solidarity


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