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Palgrave Macmillan

Family Business Ownership

How to Be an Effective Shareholder

Edition 2nd edition
ISBN 9780230321311
Publication Date December 2010
Formats Ebook (EPUB) Paperback 
Publisher Palgrave Macmillan
Series A Family Business Publication

Ownership in a family business can be a rewarding and important role.  It means stewardship, protection and nurturing the family business.  As a guide for shareholders, this book will developing understanding and insight into the role of becoming more valuable as an owner, not just financially, but intellectually and emotionally as well.  It aims to provide the philosophical foundation that will support the decisions owners make about technical and legal issues and to help all shareholders understand how to be constructive in their roles.  Ownership ought to be an interesting, challenging, profitable, and spiritually enriching experience.

Craig E. Aronoff is Co-founder, principal, and Chairman of the Board of The Family Business Consulting Group, Inc., the founder of the Cox Family Enterprise Center and current Professor Emeritus at Kennesaw State University. He invented and implemented the membership-based, professional-service-provider sponsored Family Business Forum, which has served as a model of family business education for universities world-wide.

John L. Ward is Co-founder of the Family Business Consulting Group Inc. He is Clinical Professor at the Kellogg School of Management and teaches strategic management, business leadership and family enterprise continuity.

I. Introduction: On Being an Owner * II. What is a Family Business Owner * III. The Power of Cohesive Ownership * IV. The "Ownership Attitude" * V. Roles and Responsibilities: Owners, Directors, and Managers * VI. Preparing and Nurturing Good Owners * VII. Owners By Choice * VIII. Managing the Insider-Outsider Dilemmas * IX. Summary * Glossary * Suggested Readings and Resources * Index


"Knowing when and how to be involved in a family business can be a challenging task...shareholders need to know what their role is to make them effective and make their family businesses profitable now and for the future. If you want to be a "good" owner - this book is for you." - Philip A. Clemens, Chairman & CEO, Clemens Family Corp. "If you are associated with a family business, you need to read this user-friendly primer. Not just family business owners, but indeed everyone even remotely connected to a family business will want to read this. Family Business Ownership: How To Be An Effective Shareholder is a much needed and superb addition to the already excellent Family Business Leadership Series." - Bill Lucas, Laird-Norton
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