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Palgrave Macmillan

Gaming in Social, Locative and Mobile Media

ISBN 9781137301413
Publication Date May 2014
Formats Hardcover Ebook (EPUB) Ebook (PDF) 
Publisher Palgrave Macmillan

The convergence of online social media, location-based services, mobile apps and games is transforming the way we communicate with each other and participate in media spaces. Gaming in Social, Locative and Mobile Media explores this complex dynamic of platforms and interfaces, reflecting on some of the social, personal and political dimensions of the 'playful turn' in contemporary culture. Drawing on ethnographic case studies across the Asia-Pacific region, Hjorth and Richardson consider how mobile social media are changing our experience of place, mobility, intimacy and sociality, both in the context of quotidian life and across geographic regions. Through the lens of everyday practices, and adapting a range of concepts and theoretical perspectives from media, communication and game studies, the authors think critically about how locative, mobile, social and 'playful' media are reshaping our experience of the world and ourselves as cultural beings.

Larissa Hjorth is an artist, digital ethnographer and Professor in the Games Programs, School of Media and Communication, RMIT University, Australia. She is co-director of RMIT's Digital Ethnography Research Centre (DERC) with Heather Horst. Since 2000, Hjorth has been researching the gendered and socio-cultural dimensions of mobile, social, locative and gaming cultures in the Asia–Pacific. These studies are outlined in her books, Mobile Media in the Asia-Pacific (2009), Games and Gaming (2010), Online@AsiaPacific: Mobile, Social and Locative in the Asia–Pacific Region (with Michael Arnold, 2013), and Understanding Digital Media in the Age of Social Networking (with Sam Hinton, 2013).

Ingrid Richardson is Associate Professor in Digital Media at Murdoch University, Western Australia. She has a broad interest in the 'human-technology relation', and has published on topics such as scientific technovision, virtual and augmented reality, games, mobile media and small-screen practices, urban screens, remix culture and web-based content creation and distribution.

1. Introduction: Social, Locative, and Mobile Media Gaming
2. The Histories of Mobile Media and Mobile Gaming
3. Locating the Mobile: The Unruly and Ambiguous Rise of Mobile Gaming
4. Reconceptualising Casual Play
5. Ambient Play
6. Locating the Game: Location-based services (LBS) and Playful Visualities
7. Co-presence Café Cultures: Kakao, Games, and Camera Phone Sharing in Seoul, South Korea
8. Social Media, Facebook games, and Fantasy Sport
9. Locating Home: Cross-generational Play and Co-presence
10. Games and Cultural Play
11. Beyond the Casual: Situating Ambient and Cultural Play


"Hjorth and Richardson have given us a groundbreaking look at the world of social, locative, and mobile gaming. They present a fascinating range of stories tracking these new forms of everyday play across the globe. A must read for anyone interested in the critical and social aspects of contemporary gaming and technology." - T.L. Taylor, Associate Professor, MIT, USA
"Using a diverse pool of methods, locations, and cases, Hjorth and Richardson provide a robust picture of the interaction and codependent nature of social, mobile, and locative gaming in multiple contexts. Not only does this work utilize electronic means of social and locative games, but on-ground games such as Parkour and fantasy sports teams are discussed in comparison. In doing so, our experience in play is highlighted as a natural part of life and how our technology shifts the execution of our playful nature. For games, this representation of multiple cultural perspectives through a triangulation of research efforts adds a robust extension of prior work in the field of mobile gaming." - Robin Haislett, Weber State University, USA
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