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Palgrave Macmillan

Global Sport-for-Development

Critical Perspectives

ISBN 9781137289629
Publication Date January 2014
Formats Hardcover Ebook (EPUB) Ebook (PDF) 
Publisher Palgrave Macmillan
Series Global Culture and Sport Series

In recent years, sport has been used as an instrument through which wider development objectives are pursued. This includes sport as a means to create awareness about the risks of HIV; sport as a vehicle to counter inter-group hostility; and sport as an environment where children can find respite in the wake of military conflict. The use of sport for the purposes of development is neither simple nor inherently successful. It is therefore regrettable that some of the agents and organisations involved in development programs provide idealistic accounts of their activities, thus suggesting that field work is unproblematic. By contrast, this book provides a critical approach to sport-for-development, acknowledging the potential of this growing field but emphasising challenges, problems and limitations – particularly if programs are not adequately planned, delivered or monitored. The book features both critical theory and reflective praxis, and will thus be useful to both academics and practitioners.

Nico Schulenkorf is Senior Lecturer for Sport Management at the University of Technology, Sydney, Australia.

Daryl Adair is Associate Professor of Sport Management at the University of Technology, Sydney, Australia.

1. Sport-for-Development: The Emergence and Growth of a New Genre; Daryl Adair and Nico Schulenkorf
2. The Sport for Development and Peace Sector: A Critical Sociological Analysis; Richard Giulianotti and Gary Armstrong
3. De-Colonising the Politics and Practice of Sport-for-Development: Critical Insights from Postcolonial Feminist Theory and Methods; Simon Darnell and Lyndsay Hayhurst
4. Sport-for-Development: Pessimism of the Intellect, Optimism of the Will; Fred Coalter
5. The Ripple Effect: Critical Pragmatism, Conflict Resolution and Peace Building through Sport in Deeply Divided Societies; John Sugden
6. Reflections from the Field: Challenges in Managing Agendas and Expectations around Football for Peace in Israel; Jim Wallis and John Lambert
7. Indigenous Discourses in Sport for Development and Peace: A Case Study of the Ubuntu Cultural Philosophy in EduSport Foundation, Zambia; Oscar Mwaanga and Kabanda Mwansa
8. Promoting Gender Empowerment through Sport? Exploring the Experiences of Zambian Female Footballers; Ruth Jeanes and Jonathon Magee
9. Sport-for-Development Program Objectives and Delivery: A Mismatch in Gulu, Northern Uganda; Justin Richards and Charlie Foster
10. Lessons Learned from Monitoring and Evaluating Sport-for-Development Programmes in the Caribbean; Zak Kaufman, Brooke Rosenbauer and Gabriela Moore
11. Soldados Nunca Mais: Child Soldiers, Football and Social Change in Rio de Janeiro's Favelas; Nanko van Buuren and Elizabeth Kath
12. Inspiring Pacific Women for Lifestyle Change: An Attempt to Halt the Spread of Chronic Diseases; Katja Siefken, Grant Schofield and Nico Schulenkorf
13. Global Sport-for-Development in Theory and Praxis: Reflections; Nico Schulenkorf and Daryl Adair

Richard Giulianotti, Loughborough University, UK
Gary Armstrong, Brunel University, UK
Simon C. Darnell, Durham University, UK
Lyndsay Hayhurst , University of Ottawa, Canada
Fred Coalter, Leeds Metropolitan University, UK
John Sugden, University of Brighton, UK
James Wallis, University of Brighton, UK
John Lambert, University of Brighton, UK
Oscar Mwaanga, Southampton Solent University, UK
Kabanda Mwansa EduSport Foundation, Zambia
Ruth Jeanes , Monash University, Australia
Jonathan Magee, University of Central Lancashire, UK
Justin Richards, University of Oxford, UK
Charlie Foster, University of Oxford, UK
Zachary Kaufman, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, UK
Brooke Page Rosenbauer, Sport-for-Development, US
Gabriela Moore, University of Virginia, US
Nanko G van Buuren, Brazilian Institute for Innovations in Social Health, Brazil
Elizabeth Kath, RMIT University, Australia
Katja Siefken, AUT University, New Zealand
Grant Schofield, AUT University, New Zealand


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