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Palgrave Macmillan

Hitchcock and Contemporary Art

ISBN 9780230392151
Publication Date April 2014
Formats Hardcover Ebook (EPUB) Ebook (PDF) 
Publisher Palgrave Macmillan

Hitchcock and Contemporary Art introduces readers to the fascinating and diverse range of artistic practices devoted to Alfred Hitchcock's films. These practices are more than celebrations of his cinematic achievements. The artworks considered here are motivated by a cinephilia often deeply imprinted by epistemophilia, that is, a love of cinema charged by a desire to know more about it and to revel in the pleasures of discovery. As such, these works have the capacity to activate sophisticated engagements with Hitchcock's films and cinema more generally, tackling issues of time and space, memory and history, and sound and image.

Christine Sprengler is Associate Professor of Art History at Western University, Canada.

Introduction: Alfred and the Artworld
1. Cinephilic Pilgrimages and the Reification of Profilmic Space
2. Activating Memories and Museums through the Expanded Essay Film
3. Remediation and Intermediality: From Moving to (Film) Still
4. Spatial Montage, Temporal Collage, and the Art(ifice) of Rear Projection
5. The Acoustics of Vertigo: Soundtracks, Soundscapes and Scores
Conclusion: Repossessing Cinema


"Motivated by feminist curiosity (like Pandora), Sprengler cannot resist revealing hidden secrets; namely that Hitchcock's hold on our imagination has found its way past cinephiles into the work of contemporary art. Her exhaustive case studies include moving images, installations, video games, and soundscapes, and her discussion has resonances that go beyond these 'Hitchcockian artworks' to the film/art axis of influence more generally. This is a valuable reference text for anyone seeking sustained analysis of the rapprochement of art and film and the release of cinema's obsessions into the wider field of visual culture." - Catherine Fowler, Associate Professor, Film, Otago University, New Zealand
"Contemporary art has been quick to capitalize on the familiarity of Hitchcock's iconic films in a way that serves to define the new rapprochement between the art world and popular cinema. Sprengler's book is the first to explore the art gallery of Hitchcockians and provides a valuable catalogue of their achievements." - Richard Allen, author of Hitchcock's Romantic Irony
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