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Palgrave Macmillan

International Financial Transactions and Exchange Rates

Trade, Investment, and Parities

ISBN 9781137358158
Publication Date December 2013
Formats Hardcover Ebook (EPUB) Ebook (PDF) 
Publisher Palgrave Macmillan

International transactions among nations and multinational corporations are important and growing due to the openness of economies all over the world. In this follow-up title to Exchange Rates and International Financial Economics, Kallianiotis examines the role of the exchange rate and trade policy in improving the trade account. He discusses the international parity conditions extensively, together with the most popular theory in international finance, the interest rate parity (IRP) theory.

International Financial Transactions and Exchange Rates describes these theories and gives practical solutions for multinational businesses, individuals, and nations. The increasing internationalization of businesses, openness of economies, integration of nations, change in the exchange rate system, and lastly, the deregulation of the financial market and institutions around the world have made the study of international finance necessary for all business students and professionals.

John N. Kallianiotis is Professor of Finance in the Economics and Finance Department of the Arthur J. Kania School of Management at the University of Scranton, USA. He is the co-editor of Balance of Payments Adjustment (2000) and the author of Exchange Rates and International Financial Economics (Palgrave 2013). He has published extensively in academic journals and his interviews and articles have been published on Politico.com, in the Washington Times, Times Leader, Scranton Times, and Northeast Business Journal.

1. The Balance of Payments and Exchange Rate
2. Exchange Rate and Parity Conditions
3. Financing the Multinational Corporation and International Trade
4. International Portfolio Theory
5. Political Risk and Foreign Direct Investment
6. The US Dollar as an International Currency Reserve and its Value


"I cannot imagine a better way of introducing students to the field of international finance. This book is a clearly written, comprehensive text dealing with a wide range of issues in international finance, from funding international trade to an extensive presentation of international parity conditions. It is a wonderful blend of cutting-edge academic rigor and real world applicability that provides students and practitioners with the tools necessary to analyze the global financial system." - Dr. Paul Kutasovic, Professor of Economics and Finance, New York Institute of Technology, USA
"This book offers an excellent roadmap to the topics of exchange rates and international financial transactions. It outlines the fundamental exchange rate theories and provides numerous figures and algebraic expressions to illustrate these theories. Furthermore, it does an excellent job in presenting the various ways in which multinational corporations finance their operations and discussing the basic corporate governance principles and models." - Iordanis Petsas, Associate Professor of Economics and Department Chair, Department of Economics and Finance, University of Scranton, USA
"High marks all around [for] bringing clarity to a complex subject that is generally misunderstood and receives less curriculum exposure than it deserves. . . . [International Financial Transactions and Exchange Rates] is a valuable contribution to the existing body of knowledge because it not only provides some of the underlying history of the market as a general perspective for the reader, but discusses important contemporary topics and their not so obvious inter-relationships, in sufficient detail as to make more insightful FX analysis and trade craft possible after one reading." - Robert S. Colombo, CEO, TEKNOWSIS, Inc.
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