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Palgrave Macmillan

Investing in Energy

Creating a New Investment Strategy to Maximize Your Portfolio's Return

ISBN 9781137357168
Publication Date January 2014
Formats Hardcover Ebook (PDF) Ebook (EPUB) 
Publisher Palgrave Macmillan

We rely on energy for everything we do, from putting gas in our cars to heating our homes. With energy products at the forefront of so many different industries, the global economy would not be able to function without them. As such, the energy sector has more trading volume than any other commodity. Investment strategy expert Michael C. Thomsett sets forth a range of topics representing the fundamentals as well as the technical features of energy investing, from financial and market factors to the study of price movement.

Broken into four essential sections, Investing in Energy guides the reader through the basics to get started, how to trade in energy, specific trading and investing strategies, and ideas for focusing your analysis and understanding of this market. This is a book for everyone from traders just learning this market to the sophisticated investor that is already spending money in this investment sector. It will provide you with the tools and range of knowledge you need to make an informed investment decision.

Michael Thomsett has written over 70 books on topics of options, trading, investing, real estate and business management. He has also written two history books (The German Opposition to Hitler and The Inquisition), four specialized dictionaries, and five books of quotations on specialized topics. Thomsett's six best-selling books have sold over one million copies in total. These are Getting Started in Options, The Mathematics of Investing, and Getting Started in Real Estate Investing (John Wiley and Sons), Builders Guide to Accounting (Craftsman),and more. He's currently teaching at NYIF.

1. A Brief History - Black Gold, Texas T
2. The Big Picture - Energy, the Biggest Market Sector
3. The Many Uses of Energy Products
4. Opportunities and Risks
5. Trading in Energy Futures
6. Energy Stocks
7. ETFs and Index Funds
8. Options
9. Knowing Your Risk Tolerance
10. Using a Broker versus Going on Your Own
11. Fundamental Analysis of the Energy Market
12. Technical Analysis of the Energy Market
13. How Energy Trades are Taxed
14. Ten Mistakes Investors and Traders Make 
15. Ten Myths of the Energy Industry and Futures Market
16. Ten Ideas to Launch Your Investment Plan


'Michael C. Thomsett has eloquently written an energy bible for the ages! His apolitical insight on why energy prices paradoxically remain high, transcends the mainstream myths and explores the classic battle between perception and reality. A mandatory read for all traders.' —Al Bicoff, C.T.A., President, Technical Analytics, Inc.
'Investing in Energy is the encyclopedia of energy investing. Michael Thomsett covers all the different ways of investing in energy from futures, options, funds, ETFs, and individual stocks and leads you through the risk and rewards of each of these investment vehicles. The book brilliantly goes through each of these strategies as it focuses on the fundamental and technical aspects of the energy market. An added bonus is that Michel Thomsett gives a brief history of the energy markets and throughout the book and dispels many of the myths of energy investments. A must read for anyone seriously considering investing in energy.' – George Tkaczuk, Portfolio Manager, RCM Wealth Advisors
"Thomsett's book ought to be required reading for anyone investing in the energy industry. The lucid prose and the array of examples he provides make even the trickier points of analysis and investment strategies easy to grasp. Thomsett gives readers the tools needed to navigate around an often unpredictable and complicated energy market. It goes without saying that all readers will benefit from Thomsett's extensive expertise, which is made conspicuously evident throughout this book.' —Sam He, Energy Group at Wells Fargo
'Michael Thomsett's thorough and comprehensive book, Investing in Energy, is an effective primer for anyone interested in the opportunities and risks of energy industry investing. This book helps the potential investor in the energy industry to better understand the strengths and weaknesses of investing in the oil and gas sector as a whole as contrasted with investing in individual oil and gas stocks. He covers in depth the range of specific investment products available, as well as the risk levels associated with each. Thomsett explores in depth the differences between analyzing the fundamental financial and operating data available for individual energy stocks as contrasted with the technical analysis of energy stock price behavior in general. This is an excellent reference work for anyone who is interested in investing in the energy industry.'—Jan Arps, President, Jan Arps' Traders' Toolbox, Investment software and petroleum investment specialist
'No one understands better than Michael Thomsett how to demystify a particular investment sector, topic and approach. I am impressed with the completeness and clarity of this book, a must read for anyone looking to start, broaden or update their knowledge about Investing in Energy.' —Alain F.P. Jaques, founder and owner of OptionsDigger.com
"Mr. Thomsett's Investing in Energy provides an excellent introduction for anyone interested in investing in the energy sector. He takes you on an easy to follow guide from what makes up the energy sector, how to invest in the sector and manage the risks involved in the sector. The book is a great reference for a novice to an experienced investor who is interested in the energy sector." —Kirk G Meyer, Consultant/Investor
"Investing in Energy" by Michael Thomsett is a valuable tool for individual investors and professionals with actionable trade recommendations. This book educated me on many energy products that I was not aware of and helped me to understand how to use them in my portfolio management.' —Jenny Andrews of The LIZ & JNY Show on tastytrade
'Michael has masterfully explored the history, chemistry ,and economics of energy. Coupled with his understanding of investor psychology and markets he clearly illustrates investing opportunities for a wide range of investing styles. Read this book to be enlightened and equipped for successful energy investing.' —Christi S. Powell, CFP, Falcon Financial of Oklahoma, LLC
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