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Islamic Finance Alternatives for Emerging Economies

Empirical Evidence from Turkey

ISBN 9781137413284
Publication Date August 2014
Formats Hardcover Ebook (EPUB) Ebook (PDF) 
Publisher Palgrave Pivot

Turkey could be considered the most important and leading Islamic country that has implemented the Western economic model successfully mostly because of the modernization efforts since late Ottoman period. As a result of the secularization efforts in the field of economy in early republican era, Muslim people in the country had to deal with non-Islamic practices that contradict with their religious beliefs.

Islamic Finance Alternatives for Emerging Economies analyzes the emergence of the Islamic financial institutions in Turkey, by taking into account their history, their operational model, and their legal regulations in the financial field, to discuss the future of Islamic finance. The contributors also consider the ability of Islamic financial institutions and tools to respond to the financial needs of Muslims.

Murat Ustaoğlu is Assistant Professor of Economics at Istanbul University, Turkey.
Ahmet İncekara is Professor and Head of the Department of Economics at Istanbul University, Turkey.

1. The First Step towards Islamic Finance: Separation of the Secularism and Islamic Agenda; Murat Ustaoğlu and Ahmet İncekara
2. The Notions of Islamic Economics and Finance in Global Era; Rubaa SALEH, Murat Ustaoğlu
3. Basic Terminology in Islamic Finance and Turkish Perspective; Bilgehan Yildiz, Murat Ustaoğlu
4. Modeling Islamic Finance and Inclusive Growth for Emerging Markets: Evidence from Turkey and Malaysia; Ahmet İncekara, Ferda Yerdelen Tatoğlu, Murat Ustaoğlu

Ferda Yerdelen Tatoğlu, Istanbul University, Turkey

Bilgehan Yıldız, Portland State University, USA

Rubaa Saleh, unaffiliated


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