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Journey to Lean

Making Operational Change Stick

ISBN 9781403948410
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Publisher Palgrave Macmillan

In the current climate attention has refocused on lean production. While books have looked at the principles of lean production and techniques, this book from McKinsey & Company, the world's most influential management consultancy, provides a unique approach, which is holistic in nature and argues that lean must be central to the strategy and mindset of the company or organization. It will be the most comprehensive book on the tangible and intangible aspects of lean transformation with a complete overview of how organizations should embark upon this arising from the cutting edge work done by the authors with leading companies worldwide.

JOHN DREW is a specialist in McKinsey & Company's Practice in the UK. He has applied lean across a number of sectors including automotive, aerospace, steel, consumer goods and retail. He has a special interest in developing an approach to securing the behavioural change which must underpin a lean transformation and ensure its sustainability. Prior to joining McKinsey & Company, he worked at CarnaudMetalbox and Land Rover

BLAIR McCALLUM is the Director of McKinsey & Company's Production Systems Design Centre and has been working with companies in a range of sectors applying lean principles, including oil and gas, automotive, aerospace, furniture, defence and construction. He has previously worked for Toyota, who have been a leading pioneer of lean production methods and Rover Group, where he was responsible for introducing lean production into the manufacture of new products, including the Rover 75.

STEFAN ROGGENHOFER is a leader of McKinsey & Company's Manufacturing Practice in Europe. He has led projects in operational performance improvements for companies in a range of sectors including, luxury goods, aerospace, consumer electronics and steel.

The Rationale for Lean Production
The Making of Lean Production
Designing a Lean Operating System
Management Systems for Lean Production
Mindsets and Behaviours
Defining the Goal
Programme Planning
Pilot Implementation
Company-Wide Deployment


'The frontier of the lean movement is now about the strategic implementation of lean. This book, blending Toyota's lean knowledge with McKinsey's strategic experience, will be very useful to those undertaking this journey.' - Daniel T. Jones, co-author of The Machine that Changed the World and Lean Thinking'Journey to Lean is lively, fun and informative, and it might just have an enormous effect on your business' - Lee Hibbert, Professional Engineering
'...a comprehensive and practical book on how to design and implement sustainable operational change.' - Quality Today
'Three McKinsey consultants - John Drew, Blair McCallum and Stefan Roggenhofer - have brought [lean research] alive at company level in a new book, Journey to Lean.' - The Observer
'...explores some of the challenges faced by the management team, and gives ideas on how to develop solutions and engage the workforce in the new ways of working.' - Works Management
'...moves beyond the initial step of using lean tools and techniques to deliver initial quick results, and tackles the thorny question of how to maintain those performance levels.' - www.themanufacturer.com
'...provides an excellent broad-brush introduction to lean...and is well worth reading'. - David Stephens, MCMI, Professional Manager Magazine
'This is a great book for readers who would like to know a little about the history and principles of lean, it's key tools and techniques and their application. Importantly, it places great emphasis on the 'how to' rather than the 'what', addressing many of the pitfalls and hurdles organisations face as they attempt to implement lean...well worth a look.' - Andy Yearsley, Supply Management Magazine
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