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Palgrave Macmillan

Leadership in Balance

New Habits of the Mind

ISBN 9781137394330
Publication Date April 2014
Formats Hardcover Ebook (EPUB) Ebook (PDF) 
Publisher Palgrave Macmillan

Today's global society calls for new habits of the mind—a fundamental shift from emphasis on leadership in control to leadership in balance, and from a leader's way of behaving to a leader's way of thinking. In Leadership in Balance, proven experts Kucia and Gravett develop a unique self-assessment that captures a leader's balance across eight different ways of thinking related to Strategy (head), Culture (heart) and Leadership (hand). This instrument offers an image, a structure, and a purpose for leadership which creates the opportunity for individual learning and growth and for deeper and richer coaching conversations. Along with interviews with executives of successful international and global organizations, the authors also introduce and explain their methods and explore the leaders' ways of thinking and interpreting meaning in their organization.

John F. Kucia (Cincinnati, OH) is Administrative Vice President at Xavier University, USA. In that role, he has served as a key member of the leadership team that has elevated Xavier from a small, regional Jesuit university to a nationally known and respected academic institution and athletic powerhouse. Kucia has spent nearly 40 years as a practitioner of collaborative leadership in the fields of health care and higher education, specifically in the areas of strategic planning, leadership development and training, organizational change, intercollegiate athletics, property acquisition and urban redevelopment. He has drawn upon his extensive experience to research this unique and unstudied topic.

Linda Gravett (Cincinnati, OH) is Founder and Senior Partner of Gravett and Associates, an established management consulting agency, and President and CEO of Just the Basics, Inc., an executive coaching and strategic planning firm for small companies and nonprofits. Her client list includes: Meridian Bioscience, Voith, Perfetti Van Melle, Parsons Brinckerhoff, and The Discovery Channel. She has been an executive in organizations of varying size and scope for the past 30 years, and is a frequent presenter and speaker at local, regional and state conferences for the Society for Human Resource Management, American Society for Training and Development, and the Chamber of Commerce. She has also made guest appearances on local, regional and national radio and TV programs. Her website (www.gravett.com) shares monthly newsletters and announcements on upcoming speaking engagements and books to 1000+ members. She is the author or co-author of three bestselling titles: HRM Ethics: Perspectives for a New Millennium (2002), Bridging the Generation Gap (2007), and Using Your Emotional Intelligence to Develop Others (2009).

1. Leader as Brand
2. A New Model of Leadership for a Living Organization
3. It's Time for a Different Leadership Paradigm
4. The Structure of the Ways of Leaders in Balance
5. The Power of Leadership in Balance: The Connection to an Organization's Survival
6. New Habits of the Mind: The Ways of a Leader in Balance
7. New Behaviors that Correlate to the Eight Ways of Thinking
8. The Kucia Balance Framework in Action
9. Learning from Mentors through the Eight Ways of Thinking
10. The Research Foundation for Leadership in Balance
11. The Fundamental Shift: Capstone Thoughts
Appendix 1 Leadership in Balance Assessment #1 – Short Form
Appendix 2 Leadership in Balance Assessment #2 – Eight Ways of Thinking
Appendix 3 ANOVA Results



"Leadership in Balance overflows with ideas that challenge business and government leaders to examine their own thinking and to adopt new ways of perceiving their own place in their organizations. Kucia and Gravett present cutting edge principles that combine eastern and western cultural styles, creating a genuine balanced style that anyone in a position of influence can use to deal more effectively with both peers and subordinates. Each chapter engages and motivates the reader to proceed onward with intense anticipation for gaining deeper leadership insights and ideas to be shared with colleagues." - Robert E. Wubbolding, Professor Emeritus, Xavier University,USA; Director of Training, The William Glasser Institute (1988-2011); Director, Center for Reality Therapy, Cincinnati, USA
"Kucia and Gravett provide an important evolution in leadership literature. Drawing on interviews with CEOs of major corporations and non-profit organizations, the authors develop a 'Balance Framework' that replaces hierarchical management with a leadership style that blends and orchestrates competing organizational dimensions, such as competition vs. collaboration, in accordance with the organization's mission, structure, and culture. The resulting balance leverages the benefits of each dimension to increase organizational effectiveness." - Joe Pichler, Retired CEO and Chairman, The Kroger Company
"A must-read for all leaders and 'wanna-be' leaders. Unlike the typical treatise on leadership, Leadership in Balance provides a profound glimpse at the inner experiences of today's successful leaders. The emphasis on 'a deeper dimension' of leadership is not only theoretically based, but measurable, with both ample anecdotal and promising empirical support. Professors, workshop trainers, and inquisitive researchers who focus on leadership should include this book in their 'toolbox for learning'." - David T. Hellkamp, Professor Emeritus, Xavier University, USA; past President, Society of Consulting Psychologists, American Psychological Association
"The twenty-first century business landscape is turning out to be complex, volatile, and often uncertain. Leadership charlatans would have us believe that we can navigate such landscapes with a few simple management tricks. Kucia and Garvett have instead wisely offered us a more thoughtful, balanced vision of the leader's role." - Chris Lowney, author, Heroic Leadership and Pope Francis: Why He Leads the Way He Leads
"Kucia and Gravett's Leadership in Balance describes the shifting concepts of leadership that have given organizations the power to be more collaborative in the way they work, as well as in the ways they are learning to trust the creativity of their own people. For academic institutions in particular, Leadership in Balance offers a welcome alternative to the administrative practices that too often have encouraged professors to see themselves as independent contractors." - Robert Zemsky, Professor and Chair, The Learning Alliance, University of Pennsylvania, USA
"Heightened demands on organizations of all kinds for increased accountability, transparency, and responsiveness require leaders who understand that collaboration and the deliberate building up of trust and commitment among key stakeholders is tantamount to success. Building on insights and observations from a broad base of academic knowledge and practical experience, Kucia and Gravett present a thoughtful and workable leadership framework suited for the dynamic operating environment that characterizes the 21st century." - John C. Lechleiter, Chairman, President, and CEO, Eli Lilly and Company
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