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Palgrave Macmillan

Messianism Against Christology

Resistance Movements, Folk Arts, and Empire

ISBN 9781137332271
Publication Date December 2013
Formats Hardcover Ebook (PDF) Ebook (EPUB) 
Publisher Palgrave Macmillan
Series New Approaches to Religion and Power

Concerned for a planet in ecological crisis and anchored in the urban struggles of de-industrial Detroit, this book offers an alternative reading of traditional Christology under the rubric of messianis. This category contests the canonical tradition of an individual messiah and reframes the Galilean movement of Jesus as a collective enterprise of living alternative to empire. Its 'little tradition' politics and parabolic arts serve as template for reading similar vernacular efforts across history, committed to countering imperial concentrations of Powers rooted in urban life and recovering an older species-memory of living more justly and sustainably, 'on the land.'

James Perkinson, Professor of Ethics and Systematic Theology, Ecumenical Theological Seminary, USA.

Introduction: Soteriological Humility in the Encounter of Religions
1. Proto-Messianisms: Abel, Abraham, Moses, and Elijah
2. Underneath the Text: Samaritan Jesus and Syro-Phoenician Logos
3. Ethiopian Amulet Deflecting the Eye of Evil
4. Celtic Peregrinatio in the Margins of Classical Illuminatio
5. Medieval Martyr's Bones Echoing Provencal Phonolyte Stones
6. Slave Jesus Troping Master Jesus in Postcolonial America
7. Ogu's Iron 'Revolutionizing' Jesus' Irony in Haiti
8. Filipino Pasyon Defying Euro Reason
9. South American Trance Jesus Flowering From Catholic and Evangelical Christs
10. African Arborial Spirits Appropriating Colonial Mission Christs
Conclusion: Imperial Exorcisms


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