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Palgrave Macmillan

Mexican Public Intellectuals

ISBN 9781137392282
Publication Date April 2014
Formats Hardcover Ebook (EPUB) Ebook (PDF) 
Publisher Palgrave Macmillan
Series Literatures of the Americas

In Mexico, the participation of intellectuals in public life has always been extraordinary, and for many the price can be high. However, there has yet to be a book that focuses these influential individuals with the goal of outlining their roles in present-day Mexico. Highlighting prominent figures that have made incursions into issues such as elections, human rights, foreign policy, and the drug war, Mexican Public Intellectuals paints a picture of the ever-changing context of Mexican intellectualism.

Debra A. Castillo is Stephen H. Weiss Presidential Fellow, Emerson Hinchliff Professor of Hispanic Studies, and Professor of Comparative Literature at Cornell University, USA. She is the president of the Latin American Studies Association and specializes in contemporary narrative from the Spanish-speaking world (including the USA), gender studies, and cultural theory.

Stuart A. Day is Associate Professor and Chair in the Department of Spanish and Portuguese at the University of Kansas. He is the Managing Editor of the Latin American Theatre Review and LATR Books. His research and teaching focus on Latin American theatre, specifically Mexican theatre.

Introduction: A New Kind of Public Intellectual?; Debra A. Castillo and Stuart A. Day
1. The Democratic Dogma: Héctor Aguilar Camín, Jorge G. Castañeda and Enrique Krauze in the Neoliberal Crucible; Ignacio M. Sánchez Prado
2. Engaging Intellectuals: Andrés Henestrosa and Elena Poniatowska; Debra A. Castillo
3. Monsiváis in a Nutshell; María Cristina Pons
4. Guadalupe Loaeza's Blonded Ambition: Lip-synching, Plagiarism, and Power Poses; Emily Hind
5. It's My (National) Stage Too: Sabina Berman and Jesusa Rodríguez as Public Intellectuals; Stuart A. Day
6. From Accounting to Recounting: Esther Chávez Cano and the Articulation of Advocacy, Agency, and Justice on the US—Mexico Border; María Socorro Tabuenca C.
7. Mayan Cultural Agency through Performance: Fortaleza de la Mujer Maya–Fomma; Elvira Sánchez-Blake
8. María Novaro: Feminist Filmmaking as Public Voice; David William Foster
9. The Masked Intellectual: Marcos and the Speech of the Rainforest; Oswaldo Estrada
10. Javier Sicilia: Public Mourning for the Sons of Mexico; Javier Barroso


"Mexican Public Intellectuals is an essential resource for anyone interested in thought leadership. This incisive and compelling collection analyzes key figures among Mexico's 21st century 'intermedial intellectuals' who engage the public conscience by creatively blending political activism and critique with the power of spectacle." - Rebecca Biron, Professor of Spanish and Comparative Literature, Dartmouth College, USA
"Mexican Public Intellectuals is a dynamic contribution to the field of Mexican and Latin American studies. In the tradition of Rama's The Lettered City, this collection of essays elaborates on a contemporary debate, underscoring the importance and transformation of the role of intellectuals in the public sphere in the context of a Mexico that has transcended its postrevolutionary national condition." - Fernando Fabio Sanchez, Assistant Professor of Spanish, California Polytechnic State University, USA
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