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Palgrave Macmillan

Nazi Secret Warfare in Occupied Persia (Iran)

The Failure of the German Intelligence Services, 1939-45

ISBN 9781137427892
Publication Date August 2014
Formats Hardcover Ebook (PDF) Ebook (EPUB) 
Publisher Palgrave Macmillan

A pioneering investigation into the secret world of wartime Persia (Iran), meticulously sourced and based on six years of extraordinarily wide and deep research in the German, British, and American archives. This study exposes the problems, pressures, and personalities among the competing German intelligence services that targeted Persia, and it describes the highly effective methods employed by the implacable Allied security forces that resisted them. It tells a riveting tale: there are parachutists, gold, guns, dynamite, double agents, mistresses, and Byzantine intrigues galore in this compelling historical narrative. At the same time, as a serious academic study and a penetrating analysis of catastrophic intelligence failure, Adrian O'Sullivan's book is a highly significant contribution to Second World War intelligence history.

Adrian O'Sullivan, a former intelligence linguist, has lived and worked in the UK, Europe, North America, and the Middle East. He completed his doctorate in intelligence history at the University of South Africa. He now lives and writes in semi-retirement on a small island off the west coast of Canada.

Prologue: Max and Moritz Invent Themselves
1. Tourists and Businessmen
2. Invaders and Occupiers
3. Schemers and Planners
4. Intelligencers
5. Ideologues and Brutes
6. Rivals
7. Recruiters and Trainers
8. MAX
10. SABA
11. Parachutes over Persia
14. Operations and Operatives
15. Defects and Deficiencies
16. Failure
Epilogue: Max and Moritz Reinvent Themselves


"Well worth reading ... the ultimate book on German secret service activity in Persia from 1939 to 1945." - Journal of Intelligence, Propaganda, and Security Studies
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